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Zwergspitz Boo: The probably most cute dog in the world is dead

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Probably the cutest dog in the world is dead

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His fans cry Boo

Source: Facebook / Boo

It looked like a stuffed animal and gathered on Facebook alone more than 16 million followers: the little dwarf Spitz Boo. Now the twelve-year-old dog is dead, probably with a broken heart.

Boo looked like a living teddy bear and was entitled "the cutest dog in the world". But now his fans are shaken by the news that little Zwerspitz died on Saturday.

"With deep sadness, I mean that Boo fell asleep this morning and left us to go to his best friend Buddy," his family wrote on his Facebook page.

After the death of his best friend Buddy, even a Dwarf Spitz, in the previous year, had occurred in Boo's heart problems. "We believe his heart broke when Buddy left." The pain of the San Francisco family was only alleviated by the fact that Boo would no longer feel pain.

Boo was twelve years old and was a star in social networks, only on Facebook had more than 16 million followers. In the photographs, he was often seen with Buddy, with whom he lived together for more than eleven years until his death. Sometimes they wore the two sunglasses, then the costumes again. "We know Buddy will be the first to greet him from the other side of the rainbow," wrote the owners.

Since the launch of the Facebook page, the family has received a lot of news from people telling how Boo "brought light into their lives in difficult times," he continues. Boo was the happiest dog they had ever met.

Boo has appeared in several television programs and has also been an ambassador for an airline. In addition, there are many merchandising items from him, including books, slippers, cell phone cases, mugs, umbrellas and, of course, a series of cuddly toys. His owner, a Facebook employee, had bought the dog in 2006. Unlike his pet sparrow, Boo's hair became so thick that he had to be torn, he told the Daily Mail. So he came to his teddy bear appearance.

The family post has been commented more than 50,000 times and shared more than 80,000 times. Many express their condolences to the family. A user named Sarah Gruarin wrote: "I want to thank Boo for helping me with my seven-year fight against cancer." Her sister would have brought her a cuddly little toy and she would have had it every time she needed surgery and she accompanied her and was her friend.

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