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Zeppelin reveals its packages for the Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contracts

December 21st Zeppelin OS, an application developer for smart contracts announced existing packages that have been optimized to support the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), improve the user experience and offer greater security on the Ethereum blockchain.

EVM packages for Smart Ethereum contracts

As stated in his blog post, Zeppelin has a series of packages based on smart contracts that can also be developed by the blockchain community. Some of these include the Safe gnosis, Level of transaction authorization e LevelK Registry Builder.

Packages are mostly open source applications that can be updated by the community, and as such, improvements are made on a regular basis, with bugs and other vulnerabilities quickly detected in the application and corrected.

For the team, the Gnosis Safe EVM package can be used as an extension for Chrome or as a mobile application. Its purpose is to allow users to store their own Ethereumsecurity-based cryptoassets in a secure and convenient way. There is also a two-factor authentication serves as a security measure for this package.

Assigning attributes to title tokens using TPL

Also notable among these packages is the Transaction Permission Layer (TPL). Based on reports, this is a package that allows users to assign attributes to Ethereum addresses, which, in turn, will be used to control the way a token is sent and received.

That is, before a token can be transferred among the participants, it must meet the requirements that have been established by the developers. As a result, the way in which these tokens are transferred to a location can be controlled as well as those who are authorized to move it.

There is also an OpenZeppelin package available on Mainnet, Rinkeby, Kovan and Ropsten. The solution facilitates the creation of complex smart contracts for network standards such as the ERC20 is ERC721 token standard.

It is important to note that the team has stated that in addition to the packages listed above, they are working all day to add other packages soon and developers can also build their own. Zeppelin OS also states that developers can also build and use the Zeppelin operating system to contribute to the Ethereum community as these packages will be shared with others.

Launched in May 2018, Zeppelin Solutions is one of the platforms dedicated to the creation of highly functional software for smart contracts.

On November 3, 2018, BTCManager reported that OpenZeppelin had received an update that would have made bug fixes easier. Four main areas have been improved and the solution is expected to help make the Ethereum smart contracts more error-free.

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