Zain is the digital partner of the MIT Entrepreneurship Forum in the Arab world


The competition is organized in collaboration with “Community Jameel”, the global charity that manages numerous initiatives aimed at creating positive change in society and achieving economic sustainability, and in collaboration with the MIT Entrepreneurship Forum with “Zain Group”, a company leader in digital innovation sectors in the Middle East and Africa, as a partner in My Digital Strategy and for 14 years the contest has awarded cash prizes worth over $ 1.28 million to winning entrepreneurs and provided them with a platform to present and implement their ideas.

Registration open on 29 August, on the official website of the competition, to continue until December 15, 2020Additionally, the organizers will conduct a series of informational and promotional tours that will introduce entrepreneurs to the contest and help them with their inquiries, and those interested can register for the next introductory series which will take place on the contest website when it is announced.

The MIT Forum Arab Startup Competition has turned into an annual event awaited by thousands of young entrepreneurs from the Arab world, who see it as a platform that allows them to present, test and develop their creative ideas. Each year, the competition takes place on three tracks: the path of ideas, the path of startups and the path of social entrepreneurship.

The competition awards cash prizes totaling $ 160,000, as teams that qualify for the semi-finals participate in a range of preparatory activities that include training courses, mentoring sessions and workshops. In the final stages of the competition, the jury will select the 9 final winners (3 teams). For each track).

ولقت Executive director of the forum WITHEntrepreneurship in the Arab World, Maya Rahal Saying, “We are delighted to organize the 14th edition of the MIT Forum competition as an integrated digital program, specifically designed to attract innovators from around the world. This year, we invite entrepreneurs who have built their companies to develop their communities to advance. and benefit from the training and opportunities available, being one of the organizations that support the business environment “.

He added: “We are convinced that the partnership with Community Jameel and Zain Group will help us raise awareness of the need for sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship in the fields of environment, society and ESG governance. The MIT Forum Arab Startup Competition has left a significant impact. on local economies, which we are discovering more in each of them “. One day, knowing that the Arab region has all the ingredients and capabilities for growth, and today is the time when we take the opportunity to stand up and face the next challenges. “

Malik Hammoud, CEO of Investment and Digital Services at Zain Group, said: “We have supported this competition since 2015 because we believe that today’s innovators are the owners of the ideas of change in the future, and through this partnership we hope to encourage opportunities that increase the power of innovation and contribute to the introduction of entrepreneurs who can Create a better place. “

Hammoud added: “Furthermore, supporting such events that attract digital ideas and innovations is in line with the hopes and aspirations of the Zain Group to become the digital lifestyle operator in the Middle East and African markets.”

وجق Fadi Muhammad Jameel, responsible for the Jameel Community InitiativesInternational, “We continue our efforts to support the business environment in the Arab world and seek to provide more assistance to entrepreneurs in the region to overcome current circumstances together.”

He explained: “We believe that the 14th edition of the MIT Forum Arab Startup Competition, which will be organized in exceptional circumstances imposed by the global health crisis, will be similar to previous sessions which have provided major gain for all attendees, and therefore we invite every entrepreneur to join Arab world to discover its capabilities through this “. The platform to help him deliver added value to Arab companies.

It is worth noting that the 14th edition of the MIT Forum Arab Startup Competition will culminate in a (virtual) conference and awards ceremony to be held in March 2021, where the winners will be announced at an official awards ceremony.

The impact of the Arab Startup Competition over the past 14 years:

The MIT Entrepreneurship Forum in the Arab world has trained more than 2,480 entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

A total of 450 startups have been created in the MENA region.

The number of applications submitted has increased by 307% in recent years.

50% of all semi-finalists include A woman in a leadership position.

The winners received a total of $ 1.28 million In the form of free investments.

For more information on the registration process for this year’s MIT Forum Arab Startup Competition, as well as eligibility and evaluation criteria, please visit the following website:

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Forum WITH For entrepreneurship in the Arab world:

The MIT Entrepreneurship Forum in the Arab World ( was established in 2005 and is one of the 28 chapters of the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Forum around the world. This forum aims to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship around the world. For years, the forum has proven its seriousness in encouraging MIT’s approach to entrepreneurship by organizing the MIT Forum Startup Competition for Arab Startups, targeting 21 Arab countries and attracting more than 12,000 entrepreneurs each year.

About the Arab Startup Competition:

The Arab Startup Competition is an annual competition launched by the MIT Entrepreneurship Forum in the Arab world in 2006. This competition is designed to empower entrepreneurs and foster an environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship in the Arab region. Entrepreneurs compete in the competition in three paths: the path of ideas, the path of startups and the path of social entrepreneurship. The winning teams receive free cash prizes and benefit from other activities including top-notch coaching, mentoring, mentoring, media coverage and excellent networking opportunities.

About Z.ن “:

“Zain” is one of the leading companies in the telecommunications sector. It was founded in 1983 as the first telecommunications company in the Middle East and African markets. It enjoys a strong geographical spread, thanks to its presence in 8 countries, as it provides various mobile communication services to over 47.6 million active customers. As in the first half of 2020.

The “Zain” group provides its services in the markets of Kuwait, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Jordan, Iraq, Sudan, South Sudan and Lebanon (management contract), as well as Morocco, through the possession of a 15.5% stake in Inwi in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Zain sees itself as an important partner to the communities in which it provides its services, as well as being committed to providing world-class mobile communications services, is committed to its duties in the areas of sustainability and social responsibility and seeks to ensure that its economic, social and cultural projects contribute to having a positive impact on people’s lives.

The “Zain” brand is wholly owned by the Mobile Communications Company – Zain (KPSC) listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange Commercial code: ZAIN

About the Jameel Community:

Driven by a commitment to creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation and support for young people, Community Jameel works in several key areas of development, including: job opportunities, art, education, health, climate and scientific research. It operates and implements programs all over the world directly, in collaboration with the main international institutions and organizations.

Community Jameel was founded in 2003 to continue the Jameel family’s journey into community service initiated in the 1940s by the late Sheikh Abdul Latif Jameel, founder of the Abdul Latif Jameel Company, helping to improve the lives of tens of thousands of people.

“Community Jameel” refers to a wide range of different distinct, separate and independent legal entities. “Community Jameel” is not itself a unitary entity, association or conglomerate of an owning company, but rather refers only to a number of completely separate independent legal entities which are collectively referred to as “Community Jameel”.

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