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Your real virtual girlfriend now on the NEO blockchain: what are the implications?

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If Tinder and similar apps are all you know about online dating or technology-supported, be prepared to be thrilled because a new concept of virtual dating has been launched as dApp (decentralized application) on the NEO blockchain. Now, if you're ready for the experience, you can enjoy the company of your own virtual girl from the comfort of your own home.

While virtual dating apps or virtual girlfriend services are not exactly very new, it's pretty interesting when the new and popular NEOC blockchain network launches such a dApp. Given that NEO was advertised as "Chinese Ethereum", it is not surprising that its moves and new launches are subject to great scrutiny.

While the beta test for the new NEO.Girl dApp was launched in December, about 3 weeks ago, the growing popularity of the brand's "NEO" offering has only recently started making news. The beta test phase has been open until December 31st and now blockchain game enthusiasts are not looking forward to seeing more of the offer.

According to the blog NEO, NEO. the girl is:

"A simulation game of mobile meetings that combines virtual reality, non-fungible blockchain resources and artificial intelligence."

It is developing YYMOON Network, having appeared for the first time in the NEO game development contest of May 18-18. Its launch in beta has been announced by the gaming platform based on NEO Biacat.

Now, while all this seems incredibly exciting, one can not help but wonder: are virtual appointments taking technology too far away? Are we looking forward to a Black Mirror-esqe world where technology has and controls us?

Above all as NEO. Girl and similar apps rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate manufacturing emotions in humans, but they pose a very real risk to human beings who lose the capacity for meaningful human connections.

When love and dating are also made available through the touch of a screen, how will the human mind cope with the inability to touch hearts? While you can not absolutely deny that apps like these point to a very lucrative use of blockchain technology and represent a profitable and potentially popular solution / service, these are just questions to watch out for, even if you make an appointment with the your NEO.Girl.

Rushali Shome

Rushali Shome is a history student with a keen interest in word games, politics and beyond. When you do not type furiously in the "Notes" section of your phone, it can be found by trying to capture the servers' attention in restaurants or weddings for a second help.

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