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by @ SimonCocking review of The Crypto Intro: your guide to mastering Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cryptoassets, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investing by Nathan Rose. Available from Amazon here.

From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, to the legions of voluntary computer coders, to the first users who use cryptography every day – many very clever people believe that the crypt could be the "next Internet" in terms of size and impact on the world.

Cryptocurrency raises challenging questions that raises money and the role of banks and governments that were previously taken for granted.

The cryptic promise is incredible: disrupting the old-fashioned financial services industry and the fees they charge, providing instant and almost free transactions to anyone with an Internet connection.

The Crypto Intro is a practical guide of high quality, written thinking about beginners, with all the information a newcomer needs to get quickly

Whatever you call, "crypto" is something that anyone with an interest in technological trends or their financial future must understand – we are entering into the investment in cryptocurrency.

First of all, we liked this book. Recently we have examined several cryptographic guides, but we think this is the most thorough, with detailed explanations of all the basic things to start with. We have also learned some new things, and it is well written, in a good way of conversation and explanation. It probably does not hurt that the author also has a training in digital marketing, but in all these things, communication is essential, if you can not explain something clearly and concisely, no matter how well you know

I chapters on the forks and the level of electricity used also illustrate the fact that Rose's approach must be complete and aim to respond "to everything you wanted to know about cryptography but were embarrassed to ask" … Try work and the stake test are important questions and those that some important coins are still trying to find the best way to proceed. Also the explanation of mining, the deepening of the level of what the mining machines actually do and, therefore, the reason why it has already become a big business have also been interesting and interesting.

We enjoyed reading this book, we found it useful and informative and would recommend it to anyone who is trying to start in this new and interesting world of cryptocurrencies.

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