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You say it best when you do not say anything

The handful of sentences that Benny Gantz said last week at the druze protest in front of him
managed to raise all kinds of hell. Imagine what will happen at the end of the month, when Gantz will give his speech to officially launch his campaign, on which his staff works hard at the moment.

It is truly a mystery as someone who has yet to officially announce his candidacy and who has not uttered a single sentence on his positions, can so dramatically influence the political system. I'm sorry, Thursday came out with a video in which he uttered only one sentence.
A sentence not a single candidate, right or left, will not sign: "For me, Israel first of all, join me and we will take a new path because we need something different, and we do something different." signed with a smile, of course, saying: "I think I've talked too much".

It is difficult to learn something about man from all this, but we could learn a lot about large parts of the public. About the desire of someone who will shake the system and offer something new. About the fear of anyone's right to offer an alternative to their rule. About the confusion and uncertainty in the left on someone who could take all the votes.

Benny Gantz (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky)

Benny Gantz (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky)

What can I say, the shock that this silent man was able to achieve could not be reached by years of digressions, platforms and promises, well-organized topics and fundamental beliefs. It seems that the less we know, the move we love.

Left: it must have been the shortest discussion document out of the Prime Minister's residence. One after the other, serious politicians stood in front of the cameras, and all they had to say about the shorter 50 seconds and the most predictable phrases Gantz made was that he was leftist.

He recalled a story told by President Reuven Rivlin. It was 1996, during Netanyahu's first term as prime minister. One day, Rivlin (then a member of the Likud party) was urgently called to see the prime minister. "You're one of the people who appear on TV more than anyone else," Netanyahu told Rivlin. "From now on, when you're on TV, no matter what you're asked for, you say" Shahak is left-handed ".

Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, the head of IDF staff at the time, had already been listed as the next threat to Netanyahu. Apparently, Netanyahu saw himself clashing with the popular and impressive Shahak in the upcoming election.

Different times, different people, but it is the same system. Except at the time, Rivlin refused to cooperate. He was so shocked by Netanyahu's request that he took his breath away. "What do you mean?" he asked Netanyahu. "What's this, is he a traitor? After all, he's the leader of the people's IDF."

"You know nothing about politics," Netanyahu told him.

Prime Minister Netanyahu (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky)

Prime Minister Netanyahu (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky)

It seems that Netanyahu is now surrounded by people who understand politics; those who shamelessly sing their master's song. What is clear is that no matter what Gantz chose to speak – be it the Nation-State of the Law or the weather – the reaction would have been the same. A chorus that sings at the unison: on the left.

It is difficult to say that these accusations have pushed Gantz to release more statements to the media. His campaign is taking their time. His close collaborators believe that his silence is, at the moment, an advantage. Now they have a challenge: to bring his popularity as a prime minister's candidate to the party he directs. His support as a prime minister's candidate is very close to Netanyahu's support. The kind of support that nobody has run against the prime minister over the years. But it is not enough for him to win the election. As for his party, he is not in command yet, and last week's polls have even shown that Yair Lapid was ahead of him. His campaign officials believe they will be able to earn the number of Knesset seats and even get more than 20 seats. Everything, they believe, plays in their favor: the momentum, the trend, social media and public desire.

Gantz, they say, is completely prepared for the premiership race. His party has organized activists, youth activists and party groups across the country. They are not worried about what is ahead. They believe that the Likud Party has already highlighted its great weapons: Operation Protective Edge, the death of Cpl of October 2000. Madhat Yusuf – Gantz members are wondering how far down it is going to go. They say that Gantz has already foreseen everything, that he wants to understand the consequences of all that his campaign has done. This is what happened last week when he left his home to meet the Druse protesters.

Benny Gantz with the Druse protesters outside his home (Photo: Motti Kimchi)

Benny Gantz with the Druse protesters outside his home (Photo: Motti Kimchi)

Officials from the Gantz campaign promise to still have some surprises in store. Last Monday he was branded as a casualty. The following day, when a clarification was made in his name that said he was in favor of the national state law, he was accused of losing the hands. Its members emphasize: we did not do flip-flop and we did not change anything. The law of the nation state, at its core, is a good thing, but requires some amendments.

The surprise that Gantz is preparing for us, according to his close collaborators, is the way in which he sees the different issues at the public's agenda: not through the traditional prism of a division between left and right. Some problems reside in a space shared by both fields, such as the rule of law, democracy, the Druze community, LGBT rights, the media. Unlike Netanyahu, they say, Gantz wants to attract every Israeli who thinks we need strength and strength against our enemies, but not against the Israeli public.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, talks on collaborations continue. It is clear that no agreement will be reached, if at all, before February. Until then, we can expect many voices, intrusions and leaks. It's not important. We will not remember who said what in any case, or how many of the promises made were actually kept.

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