"You have 500 million dollars" Let’s ask, Kim Hyun-mi "I can buy my house" (Field Video) / SBS-SBS News


  1. When asked “There are 500 million dollars”, Kim Hyun-mi “Can I live in my house” (field video) / SBSSBS news
  2. “It is possible to produce 500 million won” Kim Hyun-mi … “Don’t you know the price of your house?” The anger of the neighbors-JoongAng IlboJoongAng Ilbo
  3. Kim Hyun-mi, “I live on 500 million won in my house” and the neighbors “Did you see the price?”Chosun Ilbo
  4. Kim Hyung-dong “Where is the $ 500 million house in Seoul” Kim Hyun-mi “I have my house in Ilsan”yunhap news
  5. “Where is Seoul’s 500 million home?” By Kim Hyun-mi “There is … my house in Ilsan”Money Today
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