You can’t use the original Windows 10 Edge to use WhatsApp Web


The gamble of tech brands in browsers has been a great one. All major players in this market want to have a proposal, which they integrate into their systems and services. This way, they can get more out of any situation.

At Microsoft we have seen a big change, which has resulted in 2 new browsers in the last few years. If with the new Edge you want to take yourself to the top of the market, you still have to keep the previous version. It is precisely this that now loses WhatApp support.

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Original Edge is still a widely used browser

While no longer a browser to recommend, Microsoft still keeps Edge up to date and usable for any situation. The new version is available and will also be installed on all Windows 10 PCs.

Given its still active status, it's odd that some companies are starting to lose support. The most recent of what can now be seen is WhatsApp, which presents a notification to anyone who attempts to use this browser.

WhatsApp stops support for this version of Windows 10

When accessing this service with original Edge, a message appears stating that Edge 80 or later is required. The use of Chrome, Firefox or Opera is also presented as an alternative.

While it makes some sense, given the expected end of life for Edge, it was certainly not expected. This browser is still supported by Microsoft for a few years and should be the standard on many machines for a long time to come.

Microsoft must find an alternative

Despite having customers for almost all platforms, WhatsApp certainly still invests a lot in its web version. This is the easiest way to do without your smartphone and have access to this service in any browser and without depending on any app.

Despite all the changes, the classic Edge is still the default browser on many systems. Let's talk about Xbox or even own sandbox Windows 10, where it is still of course still possible to use this version.

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