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You are aware of these recent Blockchain updates

The companies that deal with Blockchain are aware of the fact that the blockchain is making its way to the rest organizations. They want to be the leader of the curve, find ways to innovate their business and this space as a whole.

Moreover, Blockchain works on many cases and incredible applications, however, at the same time, it can not solve the problems of every world. We can see it as an extraordinary tool to do a lot to improve the world of cryptocurrency. Let's have a look at the latest news on blockchain:

WWF releases the Blockchain tool to monitor the food supply chain

World Wildlife Fund from Australia today unveils the launch of a supply chain tool that uses blockchain. This platform will fundamentally allow companies and consumers to monitor their food products. The new platform is OpenSC, which looks like a partnership product between BCG Digital Ventures and the WWF company.

Blockchain will fuel medical research

David Schweikert decides to reintroduce the "Forward Act", which will authorize the National Institutes of Health. This is said to perform a blockchain pilot regarding the removal of valley fever, even a fungal lung infection making the bones, eyes, skin and brain worse.

This pilot program will allow three hospitals to operate with the NIH, receiving faster access to clinical data needed for research, while also guaranteeing patient privacy. Furthermore, he says:

We want to do less theoretical work and more case studies on this [technology] works

Banking sector gets a boost from Blockchain

Recently, the China Banking Association, known as CBA, launches a new blockchain support initiative aimed at commercial finance. There are various banks that show interest in this idea as Postal Savings Bank of China, HSBC, China Merchants Bank, etc.

In addition to these banks, there is a blockchain – ShareRing company, through which users can book to receive a rental vehicle. They also collaborated with Keaz, basically a car-sharing platform.

SAP has announced that it is pharmaceutical Blockchain is now live

Today, SAP launches its blockchain solution that gives the title of SAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life Sciences. This platform is now dedicated to the pharmaceutical supply chain in the United States. This SAP blockchain solution offers satisfaction for users' needs in interoperability with commercial partners, their solutions and US DSCSA compliance.

The conference on Criptovaluta and Blockchain is ready for New Orleans

The conference is called the "Crypto Current Conference", which will be held from 14 to 15 March 2019 at the Jazz Market in New Orleans. The speakers are Carl Fravel with Decentraland, Sterlin Lujan with Bitcoin.com and Jacob Pouncey with Saxo Bank.

Richard Carthon of Carthon Enterprises is the owner of this Crypto Current platform. Furthermore, they hope that over 300 participants will participate and learn in detail on current issues and ongoing projects. The press release says:

The conference aims to bridge the gap between people who are new to the leaders of cryptography and thinking in space.


Are you aware of these recent Blockchain updates?

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Are you aware of these recent Blockchain updates?


Today Blockchain is a trend-setting technology in most of the industry, even industries that we would never have thought could be distorted, today show a huge influence.



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