Yaocai: The Hang Seng index sees 26,500 points, it is difficult to rise sharply. Many successful new stocks are listed in the fourth quarter – Hong Kong Economic Times-Real Time News Channel-Market Finance-Stock Market


Zhi Yaohui (first from left), director of research at Yaocai Securities, expects the Hang Seng index to be at 26,500 points, and there is little room for further growth.

Hong Kong stocks have rebounded since November. Yaohui Zhi, director of research at Yaocai Securities, pointed out that although the HSI has recently followed the rise of US equities, there are still a lot of uncertainties in the market outlook and there are still reservations about short-term trends. The HSI is expected to be at 26,500 There is not much room for a further rise in the level, at the same time we have to be cautious towards the outside world, especially when the trend of US equities deteriorates, it could increase the volatility of Hong shares Kong.

On the other hand, new economic stocks were sold out earlier this week and Hong Kong’s major equity technology networks corrected sharply by nearly 20% and rebounded over the past two trading days. Zhi Yaohui said he had faith in the stocks of the new economy. Individuals like Tencent (00700) whose fundamentals are still good, might consider keeping it comfortable or buying at an affordable price. As for old economy stocks, pay attention to CKH Holdings (00001) and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388), which should continue to benefit from the listing of new shares in the future.

Several new hit titles are listed

Xu Yibin, executive director and chief executive of Yaocai Securities, stressed that although ants came to the door and disappointed investors, Hong Kong is still an international financial center. In the fourth quarter, the momentum of the IPO fundraising continued, including Blue Moon, Kuaishou, JD Health and China Resources Vientiane. Other heavyweight stocks follow one after another, so it is still profitable to subscribe to new shares. Investors are advised to pay attention to the flow of funds, characteristics and prospects of the sector and “follow the white and the red”.

Xu Yibin went on to say that if you want to use margin underwriting, you must always have a “do what you can” mentality and pay attention to interest costs, otherwise there will still be a situation of “winning stock prices by losing interest” .

Regarding Hong Kong’s economy, Zhuang Tailiang, an associate professor in the Department of Economics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said the global epidemic continues and the US election results are still under discussion. The epidemic and Sino-US relations will still affect Hong Kong and the global economy, today and in the future. Growth has a chance to return to a positive number. The unemployment rate will remain high for some time and will drop early next year. In the fourth quarter of this year, China’s economic growth is expected to return to the pre-epidemic level of 6%.

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