Yakuza producer Sato wants to make a Sonic game


Sega Yakuza franchise producer Daisuke Sato said he’d like to make a Sonic title.

Speaking in an interview with Derek Seklecki, Sega Europe’s Senior Marketing Manager, during the celebrations for the Japanese publishing giant’s 60th birthday, the veteran game developer was asked which Sega franchise he’d like to work on that he doesn’t have yet. to have.

Sato has been with Sega since 1994 and has worked on many of the company’s large properties, including Virtua Fighter, Super Monkey Ball and Streets of Rage. He also worked on the F-Zero GX developed and released by Sega in 2003.

“In the sense that I want to try it … well, Sonic,” Sato replied.

After all, when you listen to Sega, you think of Sonic. I would like to be involved at least once. If I had to, I wouldn’t make Sonic the way it was. I would like to create a completely different Sonic. . “

The Sonic franchise has been in a state of disarray for many years, and recent releases have failed to impress fans. The exception to this rule is 2D Sonic Mania, which was created by fans and as of April 2018 had sold over a million units worldwide. At the end of 2017, it was one of the PCGamesInsider.biz games of 2017.

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie was released in February this year and generated over $ 200 million in revenue worldwide. The initial main character design was met with derision by fans when it debuted in the film’s first trailer, with Sega and Paramount turning to Sonic Mania artist Tyson Hesse for a redesign.

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