XYO will launch the "EtherX" Blockchain satellite in space using SpaceX Falcon 9


The XYO network announced Tuesday that it is sending the first blockchain satellite to the space called EtherX. Space travel is the result of their collaboration with Spaceflight, a space industry leader.

The satellite will be sent into space using Falcon 9. SpaceX. The project aims to decentralize the world's location infrastructure, currently dominated by the Global Positioning System (GPS), owned by the US Air Force.

Move in the space for decentralization

In a recent press release, the XYO network has suggested that it is gaining the industry's positive attention to their execution of geospatial smart blockchain contracts through a drone. The contract was executed at the Spatial Summit, where the company also launched the XYO mainnet called WinterNet, making it the first live Geospatial Blockchain platform.

The fully functional platform now allows developers to create their own decentralized applications based on location data called "Geodapps. "The launch of the satellite network will help the XYO network to achieve greater coverage that could be used to validate its geospatial blockchain nodes on the ground, called"sentries".

Working in two phases

The plan will be executed in two phases. In the first phase the main technological partners for the network will be announced, which will help XYO to provide a better certainty of the position "edge nodes, "Managed by the community of Geominers all over the world.

Currently, the network is working with multiple mesh networks supported by a cryptographic protocol. Each mesh network could have multiple nodes and sentinel edges and each of these nodes and nodes can verify the position, which leads to "Geominerario, "Delivery of XYO tokens to users.

The second phase will use the satellites to help the nodes and sentinels in remote regions to communicate and verify their positions. This custom satellite with Spaceflight will be sent into space using SpaceX Falcon 9, CRS-19. The satellite called EtherX will be launched in space towards the end of 2019. The name of the satellite is a tribute to Ethereum.

Scott Scheper, the co-founder of XYO Network, commented on the project, saying:

"Personally speaking, Ethereum inspired me to move from a long-standing blockchain observer to going all-in. My work is now 100% focused on blockchain technologies, what the developer community Ethereum and Vitalik Buterin have built, has moved the whole ecosystem forward, period.As an ode to Ethereum and Vitalik, we decided to call our first "EtherX" satellite. "




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