XULT: the new ExchangeCoin cryptocurrency exchange (EXCC)



The ExchangeCoin team has just announced that it is working on a new cryptocurrency exchange – Xult. Once completed, they will be able to offer complex services on the exchange platform to the encrypted merchants. The new exchange will be powered by their cryptocurrency – EXCC.

According to information gathered by the ExchangeCoin team, over the last 3 months they have worked on the new centralized centralization – Xult. With the cryptographic exchanger – Xchange.me, a decentralized exchange (which was the main purpose of founding the EXCC); the team will create a platform that offers complex services for cryptographic merchants. The launch of Xult is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018.

Means that ExchangeCoin (EXCC) will be really used:

  • The new decentralized exchange will work based on EXCC, will be built on the blockchain EXCC. [19659006] The currency will be used for exclusive services and to obtain privileges on the platform.
  • The EXCC currency will also be used as an exchange pair for the currencies listed on the platform.

It can be recalled that the EXCC blockchain was built as a dedicated solution using the Equihash algorithm and has recently been made very secure by implementing the PoW and PoS hybrid consensus.

The CEO of EXCC Sylwester Szczepanek in a statement said: "Work on the centralized exchange started a couple of months ago.We kept secrecy as the exchange services market is really competitive and we want to be sure that the project has reached an advanced stage of development before making an announcement.Now only a few months have passed before the launch, so we can share this happy news, "he added," Thanks to the excellent collaboration with both companies IT specialized in centralized plants and the knowledgeable UX agency in cryptographic solutions, we are going to launch Xult on the market in less than half a year. "

Read the entire announcement on the excc.co website >>

This is news that once again confirms the dynamic development achieved by the EXCC team. Only three weeks ago they implemented the new version of the EXCC blockchain by executing the hard fork; has marked the establishment of a greater security blockchain, thanks to the PoW and PoS consensus, to the new Exilibrium portfolio and to the opportunities to aim and extract the EXCC currency. Based on these recent results, the EXCC currency is now resistant to the ASIC. Two weeks ago, the EXCC team announced the Xchange.me bounty program in the Korean market. And this week it was revealed that the team had established a strategic IT partnership with Pragmatic Coders – a highly reliable blockchain software house. Read the latest announcements on the website excc.co >>

Wiktor Głowacki, the CEO of EXCC in a statement, said: "The second quarter of 2018 marked a period of great changes in our project. to extend our services by offering centralized exchange, but also developed business and marketing strategies, start cooperation with external marketing, UX and design teams and, as previously announced, collaboration with the blockchain software house. accelerated our progress. "He continued," We are communicating transparently the changes that are affecting our project, our community and investors. "

The development plan for the EXCC team looks very promising: [19659005] Q3 2018:
XULT centralized exchange beta test;
Development of centralized exchange of cryptocurrencies;

  • Q4 2018:
    XULT – release of the centralized exchanger;
    The new version of Xchange. me exchanger;
  • H1 2019:
    The first version of a truly decentralized exchange platform
  • Complex platform of their exchange services fully implemented!

    Take a look at the detailed roadmap on the excc.co website >>

    The currency of exchange (EXCC) was created in 2017 to provide funding to support an & # 39; idea to build a decentralized exchange platform. The platform has been developed to offer services to semi-professional cryptocurrency traders. ExchangeCoin is one of the rare cryptocurrencies with a value that is reflected in the characteristics of real products. It is similar to the traditional market and the purse setting. You can find more information on the currency of exchange by visiting the function www.excc.co

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