XRP (XRP) – What happens if the riddler is right on November 5th?

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XRP (XRP): an interesting thing about crypto is the presence of people who for some reason tend to predict the future. If they have a privileged knowledge or some form of mysticism is open to debate. 5 years ago, someone appeared on Reddit claiming to be a time traveler. He provided a series of bitcoin forecasts including bitcoins that hit $ 10k in 2017. At the moment, most people in the comments section fired him. His predictions came true, with Bitcoin struck and exceeded $ 10k.

Anyone who has taken it seriously is rich today. The last of these individuals to emerge is the enigma of the ripple. The enigmist predicted a series of things about XRP that came true. The most anticipated of these predictions is 5th of November. According to the riot riddler, something big will happen on the 5thth of November. Once again as the bitcoin traveler of the time, many have dismissed the puzzle and the 5th of the November forecast and the entire $ 589. However, many things will happen on this day that make it logical to reconsider the whole 5th of the November thing.

One of these is what Ryan Zagone will scrounge at DC Fintech week. According to his tweet, he will talk about the main developments in cryptography with the IMF. This is a big problem considering that it has been widely assumed that XRP could replace the SDR of the IMF (Special Drawing Rights). The SDR is a capital reserve that intends to integrate the reserves of different nations.

If this speculation comes to fruition and is announced, or mentioned in this event, it would put XRP on a trajectory of growth that has no precedent in the crypt. Even $ 589 would be very affordable. This is because it would make XRP a global currency. The SDR is a basket of 5 major currencies, and if they were to be replaced with XRP, then it would actually be usable as currency anywhere in the world.

The other event that could change the trajectory of XRP on 5th November is the next SEC ruling on ETFs on 5th. If the cheater knew something about this event is under discussion. One thing is certain, however, if the SEC makes a favorable decision regarding the bitcoin ETFs at the 5th, it could trigger a bull run on a market scale that could have a positive impact on XRP, when combined with other news that is coming in XRP mode, like the IMF news.

The biggest news that could happen on this day will be geopolitics. The 5th In November, the United States will introduce a series of sanctions against Iran. However, the U.S seems to read from several scripts with its key allies like E.U on this issue. He even threatened to sanction SWIFT if he does business with Iran. The repercussions that could result from this statement will have ramifications on the global financial system as we know it and could see XRP at the center of attention as a standard in transferring funds.

Whatever happens, one thing is certain, there is so much success on the 5th that makes sense to take this puzzle and take a closer look at XRP (XRP).


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