XRP (XRP) Last updated: XRP on fire after live as a base token on CoinField this week


In recent weeks, rumors have circulated that the Canadian CoinField exchange is deliberating on plans to adopt an XRP token exchange system as a base currency. Now this plan has been implemented.

CoinField has announced that the new service will be available to customers in 61 countries. CoinField users in these countries will be submitted to a KYC (Know Your Customer) registration before accessing the service.

This move by the Canadian network has received positive reviews from traders and enthusiasts XRP (XRP). The development is the result of the petition forwarded by XRP lovers to CoinField to make XRP a base currency. Members of the virtual asset community applauded the decision on Twitter.

The Move introduced currency pairs

Following the launch, CoinField announced that its customers can combine XRP with 20 other resources. The exchange now facilitates 28 trading pairs in 6 legal currencies. The shares include the Japanese yen (JPY), the US dollar (USD), the British pound (GBP) and the Canadian dollar (CAD). Others include UAE Dirham (AED) and Euros (EUR).

The XRP reference program was introduced to gain more interest in the initiative

To get more interest in the new system, CoinField has launched an impressive reference program that allows users to earn XRP tokens by referring others to adopt the system as a medium of exchange. For each referral, a user receives 10 XRP tokens. A user can also get a 25% discount on each commission in each transaction completed by the users to whom it refers.

Price XRP (XRP) today – XRP / USD

CoinField is not the first exchange for the adoption of XRP tokens. Not long ago, another exchange, XRP United, launched a system where the XRP will be its base currency. This move puts the first digital asset on the map. It makes it one of the most preferred coins in space. With this, it is important to indicate that other exchanges could consider the possibility of following them. Thus, we can expect the value of XRP to gain while its trading volume will rise.

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