XRP turns green while protecting the list on the new Shardax cryptocurrency



An exciting new encryption exchange Shardax, which was designed to be easy to use, fast and secure, has announced that it has recently listed Ripple's XRP. And all the major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are still traded in red, XRP has increased by 2.34% at the time of printing.

From the emergence of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, crypto trading has been one of the most profitable investment options for many people who have an eye on emerging technology. However, considering the high volatility of the cryptographic market, the unregulated and decentralized nature, the risks of fraud and of complex technologies make the entry of new traders and investors into the sector.

Fortunately, Shardax as a cryptocurrency exchange offers an alternative to investors and traders who do not have the technical know-how or business sense to perform their due diligence on virtual currency initiatives. And now the same exciting new exchange has announced the listing of XRP.

What is the Shardax exchange? Is it worth noting the XRP list on it?

The Shardax cryptic exchange was launched in the third quarter of 2018, created to combine the dominance of high-level cryptocurrency exchanges, with the possibility of profiting from users who have deposited remuneration for probationary coins. Shardax is an easy-to-use encryption platform that promises both investors and traders optimal security guarantees, regular exchange and business opportunities.

The most recent exchange of cryptocurrencies embracing Ripple's XRP, Shardax Exchange also has a very attractive referral program that can earn money to investors while they accumulate and exchange digital resources simply by referring to their friends to join the platform. According to some analysts, Shardax is superior to CoinPayment Airdrop.

In addition to its superior instant trading attribute, Shardax's user-friendly interface has been modified to make it easier for all users to exchange and trade between virtual currencies. Users have the opportunity to exchange their digital resources at the best prices thanks to the Shardax platform that offers an early view on the market. Both features, advanced visualization and instant commerce are friendly for handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets, which means users will be able to conduct their trading activities anywhere.

Shardax is accessible and offers low rates

One of the main advantages that this new exchange platform offers its users is its transparency, in which people are always shown the rates they should pay when making a withdrawal or a trade. All their rates and rates are transparent with no hidden charges imposed on users.

At the time of writing, Shardax applies a commercial fee of 0.1% with the option of enjoying a 50% discount when negotiating with Shard, the native cryptocurrency affiliated with the exchange.

Shardax Holding or storing your digital tokens

While Shardax holds the users' digital stakeout tokens, they are subject to receiving trial awards from the stock exchange. Users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies in the same place without being delayed; users can also be recipients of betting prizes while their digital tokens wait in the order book.

Reliability and security

You want your XRP tokens to be safe, regardless of the exchange you use, right? To ensure that user accounts and digital tokens are secure, the Shardax exchange has formulated multiple layers of security that serve as security walls that maintain high-level security. A large percentage of funds are stored in cold stores with all the portfolios that have delegated servers.

Exchange of Shardax offers on offer

As an incentive for the crypto world, Shardax announced to the market that it would offer its first 50,000 registered users an incentive to pay 0% trading fees until 2019. Registration is still ongoing but will be closed soon.

Shardax Cryptocurrency Exchange Lists Ripple XRP Lists

Shardax's cryptocurrency exchange focuses on embracing its authority in cryptographic space and has tried to list the relevant cryptos on the market, as Ripple (XRP) is the last token.

As noted at the beginning of the article, taking for their Twitter handle, Shardax has announced that it is happy to have reached an agreement with XRP and is going to list the cryptocurrency number 2 in the market. In addition to the news, Shardax announced that they are offering a 0% incentive for commercial commissions for the first three months for users who register now.

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