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XRP price forecast for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2025: Will Ripple's XRP suffer the all-time high or will it settle with new lows?

The XRP had an incredible run back at the start of the dive started in November 2018, as the XRP was able to pick up some significant increases even in decline at a slower pace than its peers .

That's how XRP came in second place on the list of the best currencies, where we can still see it because it seems that the crypt of Ripple has permanently taken the place of the second cryptography permanently.

Price XRP (XRP) today – XRP / USD

However, after taking 48 hours to make an increase and try to recover from the dives, XRP is still below the value of $ 0.40 per unit, trading at a price of 0.37 $.

This raises some questions about whether XRP will be able to return to its historical highs in the following years and months or to settle down with new lows.

XRP price forecast for 2018

After rising to second place in the list of live cryptocurrencies, we can now see that XRP drops to -2% with the divided market where some scrambled are dropping while the other side of the market is Still on the rise, including Bitcoin (BTC) raise earnings for three days in a row now.

The XRP is currently at $ 0.37, while its highest price for December 2018 should be around $ 0.50 where XRP was before the dives started in November.

The lowest price that the crypt could face in the next four weeks should be $ 0.40, although it may happen that the XRP falls below $ 0.40 in December.

XRP price forecast for 2019

In 2019, as expected by Brad Garlinghouse, CEO and founder of Ripple Labs and XRP, it is expected that more banks will use the XRP and xRapid product in opposition to only three financial institutions that use the Ripple company's XRP product.

In the event that Brad Garlinghouse's prediction turns out to be true, XRP may see new heights in the market in 2019, however, less enthusiastic forecasts indicate that XRP could even go below $ 0.30 in the next year because more dives are expected.

The most optimistic forecast for XRP implies that the second largest cryptocurrency could touch the value of $ 0.80 as the highest price for the year.

XRP price forecast for 2020

In the event that the XRP does not see significant improvements in the next two years regarding the adoption of the currency in question, the XRP may continue to trade below and around the price of $ 0.30 even in 2020.

However, if action is taken to bring the XRP into a more benevolent state in the world of banking and financial institutions, XRP could look at the $ 0.95 maximum price in 2020, settling for the lowest value. above $ 0.50.

Forecast of XRP prices for 2025

It is assumed that the most realistic prediction for XRP in 2025 would be to see XRPN at its historical maximum of over $ 3 per unit.

Some analysts indicate that by 2025, depending on previous years in the cryptocurrency market, the Ripple currency could even exceed the value of $ 3 with the potential to reach a new historical high.

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