XRP Price Bullrun continues to follow Money Tap and FMI Excitement


For the moment there are many eyes on the price of XRP. This decision makes a lot of sense first of all, above all because this resource has been ready for growth for some time now. In the case of the XRP, there is still some production of the positive moment. With the growth and evolution of the Ripple ecosystem, the demand for XRP will also come in many different ways.

The XRP price increase continues

It is quite interesting to see how different cryptographic markets evolve during this final stage of 2018. While Ripple & # 39; s XRP it is not a traditional cryptocurrency, it is exchanged on the same platforms and against the same Bitcoin resources. Even so, there seems to be a big difference between the two, since the value of XRP is increasing. BTC remains incredibly flat.

In the last 24 hours, an uptrend in XRP prices has occurred. Its value rose again above $ 0.52, thanks to a 2.5% gain. All these developments are very promising for XRP hodlers, as the level of 8,200 Satoshi is within everyone's reach. This is considered an important support interval, although it is still too early to draw real conclusions.

Finding the reasons for this XRP price excitement is not overly difficult by any means. Ripple has made some key announcements this week, although many seem to go unnoticed. The "air payment" announcement on your Twitter account, for example, is a rather interesting way to market your product. Although it has nothing to do with air travel facilitation, the correlation between the boarding of a flight and the sending of money globally can not be ignored in any way.

At the beginning of this week, even a demo of the real world of Money Tap attracted a lot of attention. This application of real-time payments is powered by Ripple technology, which can be a good omen for the future adoption of XRP. It is currently being demonstrated for use in Japan, as the Asian nation seems to become a non-cash company. Digital resources will undoubtedly play an important role in this transition.

The most recent announcement comes in the form of a panel talk between Brad Garlinghouse and IMF General Councilor Ross Leckow added. Both sides agree that it is necessary to provide greater regulatory clarity for digital resources. Furthermore, both parties see important financial opportunities in the ASEAN region. It does not yet lead to a direct partnership, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

All these signs indicate a very bright future for Ripple. This does not automatically mean that the XRP will suddenly become a resource subject to massive global demand, but we can not deny the possibility either. Ripple and XRP are intertwined where their potential success is concerned, although nothing has yet been questioned. A push at $ 0.55 still seems likely, but will require some effort.

Disclaimer: this is not about trading or investment advice. The article above is for entertainment and training purposes only. Please do your own research before buying or investing in any cryptocurrency.

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