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XRP is now the base pair Crypto On BTCEXA

Much has happened in the cryptic world these past few days, with most of the encrypted ones moving in the green zone and getting a gradual increase in the percentage of prices. However, it is what is happening around XRP that really catches the eye in a good way. For example, XRP is currently the second largest crypt of the entire market, after dethroning Ethereum only a few weeks ago. But it's not really the big story here.

XRP's journey to popularity

Over the last year, XRP has attracted a lot of attention from both cryptor investors and institutional bodies that would like to use it in various payment solutions and other use cases. Ripple, the world's leading XRP company, has been at the forefront of delivering fantastic digital products designed to win more institutional users who would eventually incorporate XRP into their daily transaction processing.

The basic Pair event

In addition to the adoption by various corporate institutions, XRP seems to have gained a certain favor in the eyes of cryptographic exchanges. Only in recent months, XRP has been added to numerous exchanges that consider it a credible and feasible commercial cryptocurrency that deserves their attention. However, the most recent addition XRP also has a better one: it adds it as a base pair currency.

XRP is now available as a base pair on BTCEXA, a cryptographic exchange based in Australia. This is according to Tweet sent today by the official twitter management of BTCEXA. Currently, BTCEXA will offer ADA / XRP and XLM / XRP pairs. As expected, the news of the development was greeted with enthusiasm and enthusiasm by fans of XRP on Twitter. For some, it's like a really nice Christmas present, especially at a time when there's an imminent bull run and the encrypted prices are rising on the market.

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