XRP is illegal and Ethereum ETH is useless, says Craig Wright


The war of the hash BCH could be the most disastrous event for the prices of cryptocurrencies in general. Not only has the price of this altcoin fallen by nearly 50% as a result of this clash, but virtually the entire community and the rest of the projects have suffered the consequences.

Something that has characterized the "leaders" of both sides has been the discredit of their contention and prejudice that makes it difficult for users to forge an objective idea of ​​the situation by analyzing the arguments of their primary sources.

A few days ago Craig Wright, one of the main promoters of BSV (one of the implementations known as Satoshi & # 39; s Vision), expressed via Twitter his impressions on different cryptocurrencies, perhaps in an attempt to generate controversy or to give credibility to his fork which has already lost half its value compared to the original BCH blockchain.

According to Wright, the two most important cryptocurrencies of the ecosystem after Bitcoin are complete failures that could be set aside. The man known by the community as "Faketoshi" commented that the ETH was lacking in use cases and that after its destruction, XRP was the next on the list.

After saying that ETH lacked cases of use (hard to believe for a blockchain on which most of the projects of the crypto verse turn), Wright spoke of Ripple. In his first tweets, his approach was quite technical and respectful:

After expressing a technical opinion, Wright turned to a more disrespectful and rude style, increasing the controversy. According to his new wave of tweets, XRP is nothing but a scam. For Wright, XRP is actually an unregistered security.

In a subsequent tweet, Craig Wright talks about how in the future, if XRP is declared as security, all trading in this currency must be stopped.

Finally, it went much further, mentioning that all tokens put into circulation should be banned because they are titles. This list includes BTC, ETH, XRP.

Currently several exchanges are working to make the necessary changes to the BAB list (Roger Ver version) and BSV (the version promoted by Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright) as cryptocurrencies ready to be exchanged after the disappearance of BCH as a single cryptocurrency before of the fork.

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