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XRP Gets the inclusion of Skrill's Internet payment system as Ripple's Cryptocurrency. Continue adoption


Skrill issued an official statement on November 27, 2018, letting the world know that it had officially incorporated XRP into its ever-larger roster of cryptocurrencies. According to a representative of the company, they came to this decision after receiving countless requests from members of the crypto community who asked them to consider including the token on its roster.

The announcement, which was made via the company's official Twitter handle, informed the public that they could now buy and sell the token using Skrill. He also thanked the members of the XRP community that had insistently asked questions about its availability.

Adoption XRP

Compared to other cryptocurrencies in the market, XRP we can say that it is one of the few tokens that have had a remarkable march in terms of adoption. This is because in addition to being integrated into Skrill, Vertpig – a cryptocurrency exchange also announced that plans were in progress to have the token listed in its exchange.

This news came at a time when the cryptocurrency universe is trying very hard to regain momentum after having recently experienced a bear market. This is a market that has affected all the cryptocurrencies currently in use all over the world. Many of these ended up losing their prices due to the chaos that occurs in the markets.

Before the bear market, XRP had managed to ride a bullish wave in October. These recent market events indicate that its price has to go down. Industry experts estimate that the token is currently retailing under the accepted $ 0.4 mark.

The executives of the parent company XRP-Ripple have consistently advocated looking towards a future in which XRP will be widely accepted by the masses. Many of its officials have participated in various conferences throughout the country, offering presentations and speeches that are intended to share the vision they have for the token.


While announcing support for the XRP token, Skrill announced that the token would become the fifth cryptocurrency to be part of its platform after Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. The news was largely anticipated by cryptocurrency fans who have been pushing for support in recent weeks.

The news, which was announced via Twitter, was accompanied by numerous screenshots of people in the crypto universe who had sent requests to Skrill to consider adding support for XRP. Adding it to its platform means that crypto enthusiasts can now buy and sell their favorite tokens using traditional currency.

His addition to Skrill also marked another important milestone for XRP as he recently passed the ETH to take second place in the crypto classification. This means that XRP is now the second largest token in the world. This should not surprise those who have followed closely, since the platform has been committed to creating new partnerships with various companies that will see it improve remittance support and make it easier for its fans to make cross-border payments.

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