XRP experiences Sudden wave as NEM rises to a maximum of nine weeks


The XRP has risen by more than four percent in just a few hours, bringing its price once again above $ 0.52. Currently there are no clear indications for the surge, but positive developments concerning both Ripple and XRP continue to saturate the news. In the meantime, Bitcoin, as well as the other ten best players continue to publish positive numbers in the day trading.

XRP on over four percent

In an area of ​​less than two hours Monday, the XRP rose from $ 0.49 to $ 0.52. The hourly chart for the third category cryptocurrency currently shows the presence of a strong impulse to buy. This trend is probably due to an influx of traders trying to buy the currency in the hope of an even more sustained upward trend.

However, the strong ongoing purchase momentum for XRP could cause a sudden turnaround as much as the surge in the first place. The XRP will have to overcome and maintain the resistance level of $ 0.55 to form a new higher maximum. The last time the token price reached the $ 0.55 threshold, it lost 11% in a few days.

The NEM requires 25% to reach a maximum of nine weeks

The 17th ranked NEM is one of the biggest gains on Monday, with an increase of 25% to reach a maximum of nine weeks. Unlike XRP, the NEM increase is perhaps easier to explain, given the recent news from Coincheck that restores the cryptocurrency trading.

However, it is important to note that the price rose almost an hour before Coincheck published its official announcement. At the top of the rally, NEM surpassed $ 1 billion in market capitalization, the highest level since the beginning of September. At the time of the press, a slight contraction saw the market capitalization of the token falling below the mark of one billion dollars.

At the beginning of the year, hackers stole half a billion dollars in Coincheck's NEM tokens in one of the biggest cryptocurrent robbers in the history of the industry.

DASH and IOTA fail at 50-EMA

In addition to XRP, even Bitcoin, as well as the other ten best live shows, recorded marginal gains. Bitcoin, the first-class cryptocurrency hovers above $ 6.400, up nearly 0.5 percent in the last 24 hours.

XLM recently overshadowed EOS to occupy 5th position based on market capitalization. Its symbolic price is up by almost 0.3 percent in the last 24-hour trading period. Outside of the top ten, both DASH and IOTA recorded similar price gains while both did not exceed their 50-EMA.

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