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XRP could be an excellent tool to provide quick liquidity, says the CEO of OMNI – Ripple's xRapid customer

Thomas McLeod, CEO and co-founder of OMNI, a rental service in San Francisco Bay Area and Portland, spoke about OMNI, during the last episode of The Ripple Drop. He also talked about his experience in introducing XRP as another option for withdrawals in addition to USD on their platforms.

The CEO started talking about the key role of the platform, stating that their main goal is to connect the whole world through "things". McLeod added that their initial idea was to store and collect items and is currently building an entire rental market.

He went on to say:

"So there's a world where all you have to be able to connect with other people and other people should be able to use those things too so if you have a bike and you do not use it, someone else can use it when you're not using it and now you can also make money over that "

McLeod also talked about the company that integrates XRP on its platform and the impact it has on its users. He observed that for a long time they saw themselves as a bank, and instead of having resources like the dollar and the yen, the platform has bicycles, books and equipment, which are "actually assets".

The managing director also added:

"It has become very clear that this could be an excellent tool both to provide a great deal of quick liquidity for a kind of cash out of the capital that is made through the rental side, and in the future by quickly connecting people with such assets".

In addition, Ethan Beard, SVP of Ripple, spoke about xSpring and its use case. He stated that Xpring is an initiative that focuses on new use cases for XRP and XRP Ledger outside of cross-boarder payments. Beard went on to say:

"So, for Xpring we focus on a couple of different things, as I've already said, XRP payments are important, while the other we're spending a little time looking at is the tokenisation of real world "

Finally, Miguel Vias, head of Ripple's XRP markets, said the new use cases of XRP are "incredibly augmentative" for global liquidity growth and mainly for XRP. He said:

"For XRP if it is used in those flows if you look at the other markets, the driving force of FX liquidity is not speculation, it is not the liquidity provided by the market participants is the use of that liquidity by the real companies more liquidity you have the tightest spreads the most efficient xRapid and XRP end up being "

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