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XRP Base Pair on Binance Gaining Steam

Binance, Cryptocurrency, XRP-XRP, the currency that started the year trading at $ 3.80 per currency, could end 2018 with some positive news in the form of an update from Binance. Given the liquidity of the XRP currency, in addition to its utility features that favor fast transactions and negligible taxes, users have often clamored for trade to adopt the currency as a ubiquitous base pair for trading. XRP was designed by Ripple cryptocurrency ripple for the main purpose of cross-border money transfers and global remittances, giving the second currency market capitalization to the advantage of competition.

Last month EWN reported on a tweet of Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao with implications for a potential XRP base pair, with the money community making a strong push to make a mockery a reality. This news was followed by a previous tweet in August by the Weiss Ratings agency, which launched to Binance the advantage of integrating XRP as a base pair currency.

More recently, the XRP community is back on Twitter and message boards, petition Zhao and Binance to make the move for currency adoption as a ubiquitous trading couple through the exchange. In response to a user who proposed Zhao directly for the integration of XRP as a trading couple, the CEO of the billionaire exchange responded in an enigmatic way,

"Pay attention to what you want. :)"

Given the vague nature of the tweet, many are now considering whether Binance is serious about adding a pair of XRP bases to the exchange, which would result in an exponential increase in the value of the currency. The basic pairing, compared to the traditional list, offers more incentive for users to buy, sell and maintain XRP, giving it another alternative to crypto trade outside of Fiat and to the saturated landscape of BTC.

Many investors, especially those seeking to support the cryptocurrency industry, would prefer to perform all their exchange transactions in crypto-cryptographic matching, offering greater appeal for the integration of XRP as a base pair. Compared to Bitcoin, which has sometimes been criticized, especially in light of the bear cycle of 2018, to stagnate the sector through its solitary focus, a combination XRP offers some news to the exchange while exposing users to a currency ready for transfers . The cost of sending XRP is only a fraction of a cent, with transactions taking place in less than ten seconds.

Given the way the XRP began the year, with a meteor rise of $ 3.80 during the run of the encrypted that was catalyzed by rumors of a Coinbase list, it would be a little bit ironic if the currency ended the year in a shot propagated by Binance. With the increase in community pressure and the practicality of a pair of obvious XRP bases – concurrently with the coin comfortably located under Bitcoin in total market capitalization – it could just be a matter of time before Binance's chapters and turn the move into reality.

While XRP has suffered alongside the rest of the cryptographic market during the 2018 bear cycle, the currency is well positioned to improve in 2019 and beyond, as a series of partnerships, including Western Union and Moneygram, seem to push the currency towards the mainstream .

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