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XRP as a basic pair with Tron [TRX] confirmed by Binance CZ; 21% of observed excursion!

Today, Changpeng Zhao aka CZ, Chief Executive Officer and founder of the largest exchange of cryptocurrencies, Binance made an announcement about the addition of XRP as a base pair to its exchange. Currently, there are two pairs to add to the exchange, XRP and Tron [XRP/TRX] and XRP and Zcoin [XRP/XCZ]. In his original tweet, CZ confirmed this change and stated:

"We will add a couple of trading pairs with XRP as a short-term quote currency.
And rename the ETH markets in the ALTS market. Running out of space on the user interface.
Merry Christmas! "

Another change that the CEO is bringing to the user interface of the Binance website is bringing the markets of Ethereum into the ALTS market. According to CZ, this is due to the fact that the Binance user interface does not have enough space to be included in the market labels for separate coins.

This had a huge impact on XRP. The currency is currently growing by a massive percentage of 21%. At the time of writing, XRP is trading at a highly valued price of $ 0.44 with a market capitalization that reached $ 18.2 billion.

During the day, Ethereum [ETH]The competitor of the XRP market has approached and overlapped the market capitalization of XRP, threatening the acquisition of the degree. However, this did not translate into practice as the XRP soon rose to a new level of price increase.

In another tweet, CZ also said that the priority of adding more couples will be given to those projects that contributed to the charity that Binance created as a step forward in the field of social welfare. He wrote:

"We will give priority by adding more couples to the projects they donated to charity for this purpose (even though we thought we never mentioned it during our fundraising efforts).

Steven Diep, a prominent and well-informed member of the Ripple and XRP community said:

"This news is bigger than XRP listed on Coinbase"

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