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In a recent conversation about the developments that ripple has accomplished so far, Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas has stated that one of the companies that is testing Xrapid is American Express. This has excited XRP investors because it is a sign that XRP is approaching to become a global standard for payments worldwide. American Express is one of the largest financial companies in the world and its credit card services are accepted all over the world. Therefore, if you start using XRP, it will be a huge advantage for XRP in terms of adoption. Amex will join a growing list of financial institutions that use XRP, including SBI Japan and Mercury FX in China.

In addition to this, Stefan mentioned that the use of XCurrent was more widespread in the financial sector, especially in the banking sector. While XCurrent has nothing to do with XRP (XRP) investors, it is an indicator of the good things that will come in the future. This is because Xrapid offers 60% more savings for financial institutions when compared to XCurrent. This means that any organization that uses XCurrent has a huge incentive to switch to Xrapid in the future. Furthermore, the transition from XCurrent to Xrapid is a continuous process. Since there is a huge pool of companies using XCurrent at this time, it follows that the case of use for XRP will be huge in the future, as these institutions are starting to make the change. Just to give you an idea of ​​how big the transition from XCurrent will be to Xrapid, take a look at this statement by Stefan below.

"XCurrent is more consolidated, and was launched by big banks."

From this statement it is clear that the global banking sector is getting big on XCurrent. As a result, the moment they start moving to Xrapid, they will take control of the global banking system and become the standard for cross-border payments. It makes the possibility that XRP replaces SWIFT in cross-border payments as a huge possibility.

All of these are reasons to be bullish on XRP (XRP), not just for speculative reasons but because they will accelerate the burn rate and drastically increase the value of XRP currencies in the long run. Moreover, at this point, XRP is one of the few encrypted with a real utility tested and proven. So much so that even trade is moving towards XRP as a base currency for its speed and low transaction costs.

This high and increasing utility value of Ripple XRP carries a huge potential for long-term value growth. The potential to even reach some of the wildly speculative price levels that are constantly thrown around is actually quite high. This is because it has a burn rate that is based on transactions, and with the cross-border payment market worth trillions of dollars, it follows that the XRP (XRP) that is worth hundreds of dollars in the future is quite plausible.

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