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Xmas: Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH) Swim In Red, But Nexty (NTY) sees over 330% Rise – Today & # 39; s Gazette

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It's Christmas, but almost all cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin (BTC) to Ripple & # 39; s XRP to Ethereum (ETH) are in red except Nexty (NTY), an unpopular digital currency that has seen a 330% growth on its own.

Bitcoin, Ripple's XRP and Ethereum have seen between 10% and 12% drop in prices in the last 24 hours, however Nexty has increased the price by over 330%, with 130 seatsth position in the market with a price of $ 0.000156 USD, market capitalization of $ 23,322,366 U.S. dollarand the 24-hour trading volume of $ 53.083 U.S. dollar.

Named as the fundraising fund, Nexty is celebrated as a fintech ecosystem that helps e-commerce and technology-driven startups raise money from the community.

The platform has a digital asset represented as NTY and has state-of-art futures such as dual cryptocurrency, zero transfer fees and, most importantly, instant transfer.

Crypto (BTC, XRP, ETH) Collapse in Yuletide

The cryptocurrency community is witnessing one of the most difficult crunch since Bitcoin was innovated. Crunch has potentially impacted almost all digital assets, forcing some major software companies and cryptocurrency startups to break down or fire some of their employees, even though they understand that they are critical to the development of their companies.

ETCDEV, the company that presided over the development of Ethereum Classic, announced its closure due to a financing problem.

The same thing happened to Steemit. The company announced that it is firing around 70% of its employees due to the continuing cryptocurrency crises that led to the collapse of Bitcoin to less than $ 4000.

While many bigwigs of cryptocurrency have predicted that Bitcoin will return to its normal price or at least remain around $ 15,000, it is still not sure whether the digital currency will reach that value before the end of this year.

A few days ago, Bitcoin and some other digital goods were witnessing a surprising rise in prices to date, when the digital asset market turned red with just a few touches of green.

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