Xiaomi removes Mi 10 Pro from the official store, preparing to launch the new Mi 11 flagship


The news that Samsung is preparing for an early launch of the Galaxy S21 series seems to push other manufacturers in the segment to hasten the debut of the new flagship models. It also gives the first signs Xiaomi than in recent days removed the Mi 10 Pro smartphone from the official store, a possible sign that the Chinese company wants to make way for the successor model Xiaomi Mi 11.

Everything indicates that we are not dealing with a shortage of Mi 10 Pro terminals, but with the fact that Xiaomi has decided to stop production. There is also the possibility that the Chinese company has opted to eliminate this variant to promote the Mi 10 Ultra model more seriously, but in reality this is not the case. It looks like that too Xiaomi it must also sell the latest Ultra units to make room in the line-up for future flagships.

We’re dealing with a change in the flagship launch period, even after the pandemic has moved everything online. The chances of CES 2021 taking place physically are very slim and we know of MWC 2020 (where the new Galaxy S usually arrived) which could be moved to June. Xiaomi Mi 11 is expected to be equipped with a Snapdragon 875 CPU, 8 or 12 GB of RAM, a Penta camera on the back and a 144 Hz screen.


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