Xbox Series X users are reporting signs that the console is dying


Xbox Series X launch day looks like a total disaster. You will be shocked to find that every 1/3 of forum posts are about some kind of problem. The most common problem is that the console is dead. Users report that after playing for a few minutes, the console turns off automatically and now it doesn’t. Other users apparently agreed, and some said they specifically address the issue when playing AC: Valhalla. I have no idea why something like this would have happened. In our review, we noted that Valhalla’s optimization is mediocre; however, that shouldn’t be a big deal.

Here are some posts lamenting the death of Xbox Series X.

  • Playing AC: Valhalla, the console is now dead.
  • Xbox Series X died after an hour.
  • You have played 30 minutes of fallout, now the console does not open.
  • Xbox Series X shuts down randomly while playing Gears 5.
  • The Xbox Series X performed very well last night; now it doesn’t matter.
  • Besides the console showing signs of being dead. Players also report that games are not downloading in stand bye mode. Many players left the games for download but came back later; they found that the installation had been aborted. This is happening to many people now and the underlying problem is not yet known. I think it must be some kind of initiative, Microsoft would have done to limit downloads from its servers.
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