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World Open Network: a platform for every user of blockchain and cryptocurrency!

Although the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency has become mainstream, we often face loss of funds, hacks and privacy issues. We see that many platforms are emerging to try an eternal solution on these platforms, but they are still not completely resolved.

The reports suggest that the following are the main issues facing the Crypto masses!

Miners for facial loss

Miners can understand this problem in person. According to the survey, the extraction requires about 47 terawatt hours on an annual basis. Basically, from which half the power comes from China using coal-fired power plants. It takes about 44 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in the year just in the case of Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are so many cryptocurrencies that need mining. So, the battle begins.


The hacks were important problems while talking about cryptocurrencies as a whole. The estimate says that about $ 4.5 billion of cryptocurrency is cut. There are various reasons behind the attacks, including:
· Anonymous transaction
· Not following KYC / AML regulations, etc.
This fundamental problem makes it impossible to trace the real identity behind theft crimes.

Ignore consumer protection

The analysis of the data states that about 1,300 negotiable cryptocurrencies operate continuously. Various tokens associated with Simple Agreement for Future Tokens sell tokens with unused results in a big problem. The unregistered authority or government regulatory bodies begin to negotiate without a license. This empties the confidence of a user, shaking them with a sign of danger. This scam also interrupts the image of the industry, causing it to mislead the protection of end users.

Well, these problems must be solved with intense research and deep knowledge. However, while we were looking for the reliable platform to solve these problems intensively, we have achieved a results-oriented WON platform.

What is WON?

World Open Network or (WON) is a network open to the world of technologies and influencers.

How does WON strive to overcome jokes?

 All blockchains open on the World Open Network are pre-mined.
 This company allows access to the large pool only after having verified the requirements of the KYC / AML policy.
 Users can immediately use Ŵ on the World Open Network right away through applications.
 The open blockchain on WON is open-source and free
 This platform is useful for developers to develop high quality applications and capture new users
 Developers do not need code unless they want to customize further

He is about to trust the won platform

 To provide security for developers and users, WON offers the KYC compliance service.
 WON allows registered users to interact and make transactions securely.
 The WON account will be able to track each transaction in accordance with the KYC / BSA / AML requirements.
 In the event of discouraging speculation, WON warrants that the value of Ŵ (WON INC's commodity token criptovaluta) and DC (Developer Cryptos) will depend solely on the value of WOB products and services.
 As a result, it creates feedback that encourages developers to increase productivity and creativity that increases the demand for their applications and services.
 They offer a compliance mechanism that associates each jurisdiction in which they operate.
 The platform applies ByZantine Fault Tolerant PoA for security
 The mandatory KYC / AML protocols distinguish them from the mass.

How is WON influencing the ICO market? What makes different?

In 2016, ICO investments pushed about $ 95 million to attracting 43 projects. However, in 2017, we saw 210 ICO projects that raised around $ 3.88 billion, with a huge increase. These projects have shown their influence in supporting Ico for the high-tech startup finance sector.

Currently, in 2018, the total volume associated with ICO projects tends to decrease by 80% compared to the previous version of the study. However, there have been many fluctuations regarding tokens, coins in the current market that eventually show their effects. Let's see what 2019 leads to cryptocurrency, ICO and blockchain to revolutionize this cryptographic space.

World Open Network is trying to facilitate the efforts of blockchain developers and increase their market by offering basic basic services that most user needs while enchanting their markets. By taking advantage of the opportunities, developers specializing in the gaming industry can distribute the cryptographic currency of the game via the WON platform. They have the opportunity to purchase game items together with the redemption option for the recovered coins.

Players who engage the platform can buy coins from the crypto game, at some point, they can even withdraw specific game coins and exchange with WON coins. One requirement says that players must perform the KYC procedure for security

The amount of coins purchased by the players is recorded as a chain backend. It works like demand and supply chain. At any time, if the demand for games increases, the relationship between supply and demand changes rapidly. Furthermore, cryptographic gaming coins do not support the ICO concept. W currency will be seen as a means from the point of view of the developer of cryptographic money; customers can use the coin w to also buy coins for developers.

Note: Game developers are referred to as TPDs (Third-Party Developer) and their coins are referred to as DC (Developer Coin).

An essential function: we allow players who trade in the encrypted game to decide whether to use this function or not. The various strategies being implemented by WON team members are raising the value of projects and compliance with the upcoming market. WON is a multi-level service provider offering a wide range of flexibility without problems.

WON is looking forward to add more services in the future with features and functionality. In the future, WON is planning to develop important user-friendly features, however, from now on, they are focusing on exploring and expanding their cryptographic gaming currency, familiar as Genesis. Thus, people can access the platform easily and conveniently.

WON encourages players to exchange games and earn money as much as they want with legacy and entertainment together. Today, players earn by playing blockchain and enjoy joy every day. Let's join WON and make a big difference in the blockchain world!

Vinto offers products and services:

1. WON Open Blockchain (WOB)

It is a Proof-of-Authority blockchain network that creates the Ŵ (commodity token criptovaluta at WON INC).

2. World Open Platform (WOP)

It is a section where WOB-based cryptocurrencies are available to end users and third-party developers to interact with.

3. Converter

This service is available in over 100 countries, making the WON platform an advanced trading platform.

4. Trading API

The WON platform supports API trading together with the market maker rate card.

5. Mobile wallet

The platform has its portfolio that is globally accessible compatible with Android and iOS.

WON products and services

Additional information

The company is registered as World Open Network, Inc. The World Open Network venue: 4400 Bohannon Drive, Suite 280, Menlo Park, CA 94025. You can reach members by email.

Download WON: Google Play Store | App Store | Website |

Note: this press release is for information purposes only. Coinpedia is not responsible for the accuracy of the content provided in the article. In this way, readers are invited to consider company policy and T & C before making any investments.


World Open Network: a platform for every user of blockchain and cryptocurrency!

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World Open Network: a platform for every user of blockchain and cryptocurrency!


World Open Network is a platform for all users Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are the main issues on which the Crypto masses have stumbled! WON is ..


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