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World of Ether launches on the Ethereum Mainnet

World of ether, a game of duels and collectible based on blockchain, is now available on Ethereum (ETH) mainnet.

According to game site, World of ether is focused on the collection, breeding and fighting of "monsters". Each monster is kept within an intelligent Ethereum contract and ranked in one of the 4 rarity rarities: common, unusual, rare and legendary.

The world of Ether the battle mode allows players to update both their units and their identities to advance to the game. The more experience points a player gains through the battle, the higher the probability that he is drawing a legendary monster.

Similar to other blockchain-based collectible games, collectible monsters are entirely owned by the players and are available for trading in a secondary market. There are initially only 200 monsters available, providing a true element of scarcity that could very well generate value if the game catches on.

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