World of Ether attracts players as it goes live on Ethereum Mainnet


Ether world in Ethereum Mainnnet

An 11-month development product has finally become available with World of ether published on Ethereum Mainnet. The latest blockchain-based video game attracted a considerable number of players at launch. The World of Ether is a game of monsters, collector's items and duels that have achieved first place in the rankings Ethereum game category from the State of Dapps, a decentralized app evaluation platform.

At the beginning of this year, the start has made marketing investments of $ 1,000,000 of to promote the monsters. The game involves buying monsters from other players, engaging in battle to increase the power and abilities to raise more rare monsters and then place them in an open market for other players.

The World of Ether makes the difference to be the first game of blockchain technology to have a progression system. In this game, while a player advances levels, the new, stronger monsters meet the player. The ultimate goal is to reach the maximum level where players can not only get the rarest monsters, but also sell the items they get to other players.

New hope in the bearish cryptographic market

At a time when bears conquer the cryptocurrency market, games could prove to be a money saver. In the world of Ether, people are given incentives for the use of digital assets and, therefore, the market should make a breakthrough.

The world of video games is, in itself, a booming industry as it has largely attracted the attention of young people. In 2018, the gaming blockchain reached a different level, along with the steady growth of developers and players. The current generation tries to make money by playing these games. "The marriage between game and blockchain is the most significant step forward from online games " and "the objects of the game can be tokenized and have a value that players can benefit in the real world," he said Edward Sturm, marketing director of the World of Ether.

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