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WORBLI defines 2018 the year of substantial growth in blockchain and expects a global expansion in 2019 – Irish Tech News

WORBLI defines 2018 the year of substantial growth in Blockchain and expects a global expansion in 2019

The hype cycle has peaked, but Blockchain Technology's leading organizations such as WORBLI continue to grow: more than 30 projects under development at the start of the new year

WORBLI, a blockchain infrastructure for an efficient, honest and accessible financial system [Token: WBI], declares that, despite the market crisis, 2018 saw some important blockchain successes, including the advancement of the EOS.IO protocol and the launch of the WORBLI network. WORBLI is a platform compatible with money laundering and knows the customer (AML / KYC) enabled by an EOS (Scalable Base Layer Protocol). WORBLI will implement a global expansion plan in 2019 as a leader in revolutionizing the financial services industry through the benefits of blockchain and driving business solutions and the adoption of Blockchain.

Having a verified user base and process, companies and services can easily build and transform the infrastructure into WORBLI, without having to deal with legal and technical barriers to identification and obvious concerns with their anonymous transaction counterparts. This is a huge advantage that WORBLI has on all the major blockchain protocols.

Although many projects in 2018 have suffered due to poor treasury management and lack of understanding or foresight in compliance, WORBLI flourished and attracted many of the leading manufacturers of EOS blocks to manage the WORBLI network and produce some of the first applications of WORBLI. Having the best infrastructure and the best minds in the EOS community for network security has consolidated the confidence in the WORBLI chain.

"In 2018, the hype cycle peaked and weakened around most Blockchain technology projects without the know-how to provide and some clear winners are emerging, offering value and gaining users." WORBLI is happy to be among the winners: Building our team and relationships with a global network of blockchain development companies and working on applications that will enable our verified global user base, "said WORBLI CEO Domenic Thomas.

"WORBLI has added the best talents and we have recently started recruiting a dozen roles in Tech, Human Resources, Operations and Marketing, as well as partnering with the major blockchain development companies and in 2019, the WORBLI Foundation and our partners will distribute applications that will reduce the friction of the financial system and will drive the adoption of blockchain ".

2019 is destined to be an exciting year for WORBLI. There are over 30 projects currently under development on the WORBLI network, including:

(1) An innovative trading platform designed to capitalize and optimize the issue of utility tokens

(2) A platform for tokenization of raw materials

(3) A prototype risk transfer application built for the insurance industry

The WORBLI Foundation will focus in 2019 on the development of Gamma as a milestone for banking and payment applications. Gamma will provide users with a smooth and frictionless experience in the transaction between digital and fiat currencies. Gamma will benefit end users and will allow developers and businesses to enter a new era where transactions in and out of cryptocurrencies are simple, fast and convenient.

WORBLI is the main infrastructure for an efficient, honest and accessible financial system.

WORBLI is a network based on EOSIO technology for companies and individuals to unlock the potential of blockchain technology. It is an ecosystem where everyone can benefit from a network that complies with industry standards and financial regulatory requirements. WORBLI offers developers, businesses and individuals transparent access to financial services by allowing developers and businesses to easily build their own financial applications on WORBLI. EOSIO software is at the heart of this ecosystem, which means users can enjoy fast, low-cost transactions and secure account recovery protocols.

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