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WORBLI chooses Onfido to offer the highest standards of compliance to its blockchain network

Digital verification opens immediate access to the WORBLI global user base

November 26, 2018, Singapore and London: The main identity verification provider, Onfido, announces that it has collaborated with the WORBLI blockchain network. Onfido's machine learning identity verification technology enables WORBLI to quickly and securely meet KYC and AML requirements and integrate new users into its platform.

WORBLI is a network of financial services (FSN) that uses blockchain technology to allow businesses and individuals to access a wide range of services. Based on a central philosophy of global financial inclusion, WORBLI's vision is that its users only undergo the KYC / AML process once to gain access to a myriad of services. In the WORBLI user account, people will be able to register with exchanges and, once verified, access financial services such as insurance and loans without the usual waiting times of days or weeks.

WORBLI's founder and CEO, Domenic Thomas, explained WORBLI's vision: "At WORBLI, we have a global mindset in which we try to bring financial services to all corners of the world.We want to fill the gaps for people who do not have access to financial services ".

Onfido allows fast, secure and scalable user access to the WORBLI network. WORBLI users simply take a selfie and a photo of their ID; Onfido first verifies that the ID of the government is authentic and therefore matches it to the face of the user. WORBLI has chosen Onfido for the speed and refinement of its solution, as well as for its solid compliance and privacy standards.

Thomas said, "Being a compliant financial framework, we demand the highest standards." "Onfido is incredibly diligent with all the data we're dealing with, and they're big on GDPR and other regulations that affect user data, which is vital to our needs. Onfido uses machine learning and biometric technologies to mitigate the risks associated with the inclusion of customers, ensuring the most complete verification of the possible identity. "

"We have already begun the process of integrating Onfido's identity into our user account and will be a feature available at launch in November," said Thomas. "We look forward to having the most respected user verification providers working with us and building an incredible user experience that will drive innovation in the field of distributed accounting books."

Husayn Kassai, CEO and co-founder of Onfido, said: "Almost 2 billion people – half of the world's adult population – are under-the-counter or non-banker In Onfido, we believe that identity is the key to ensuring everyone Access to the global economy: New technologies such as blockchain offer new innovative approaches to this problem and so we are thrilled to work with WORBLI as they build their global network. "

Information on Onfido
Onfido helps companies digitally on board new users. Using machine learning technology, Onfido validates a user's identity document and compares it to his facial biometry. The identity can then be compared to the international credit and checklist databases. Founded in 2012, Onfido has received over $ 60 million in funding from investors including Microsoft Ventures, Salesforce Ventures and Idinvest Partners. Onfido performs checks in 192 countries for global customers including Indiegogo, Bitstamp and Zipcar.


For more information or press requests, please contact Niamh Cassidy at niamh.cassidy@onfido.com or (+44) 20 8133 3628

WORBLI is an EOS-based financial services network for companies and individuals who want to exploit the potential of blockchain technology. It is an ecosystem where everyone can benefit from a network that is fully compliant with financial regulations and KYC and AML requirements. WORBLI offers businesses and individuals transparent access to financial services by allowing developers to easily create their financial applications on the WORBLI network. EOSIO software is at the heart of this ecosystem, which means users can enjoy fast transaction speeds and transaction inversion and account recovery protocols.

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