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The presentation of WOM was held on Thursday evening, the new operator arriving in the country to compete in the telecommunications market and which since its arrival in the country with the investment fund Novator Partners 10 months ago has been rich in controversy and in this case not was no exception. At the event, Chris Bannister sent direct messages against the three largest operators in the country; Clear, you Y Movistar in which he classified them as “children who cry with all their tantrums when they see a new competitor coming”.

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Among the operator’s main announcements was the creation of 8,000 antennas in the country that will connect 674 locations that are not connected today. Likewise, an investment of $ 1,000 million will be made up to 2021 and that over 1,200 jobs have already been created and that this number will continue to grow as the months go by.

The launch was above all controversial, with balloons representing the presidents of Tigo, Claro and Movistar, the event that took place in the El Salitre car park and in which Bannister also spoke about the experience began WOM in other countries such as Chile and Poland, where there was an operator with a high percentage of users and where they reached a market share of 28% and 23%.

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Woman throwing

Controversial Chris Bannister is the director of Wom in Colombia

Similarly, with a horror theme and a performance filled with dance lights and a railing that enters the stage in a straitjacket, Wom’s message is that they have come to “break the chains” in the telecommunications market.

Woman throwing

In a straitjacket, Bannister, CEO of WOM in Colombia, arrived on stage

Claro’s arrival was not long in coming, in fact, around the event site there were vans advertising this operator. And soon after Bannister’s intervention ended, some drones with red lights appeared behind the scenes that formed the Claro logo as an energetic response to WOM’s arrival in the country.

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In the presentation of the new operator there were 2,500 new jobs in the coming years and more than 5,000 indirect ones. In addition, the first video call was made with the WOM network in a place characterized by its connectivity problems: La Guajira; this giving a message of the commitment the company spoke of in reaching the most remote places.

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The event ended with a gunpowder show and concert by the Colombian band Bomba Estéreo, as well as the message that they try to replicate in Colombia what they have achieved in Chile, a country where they already have more than 6 million customers and 95%. brand recognition rate in three months; Likewise, what it achieved in Poland was to turn it into one of the markets with the lowest internet cost per GB.

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