With the return of the cold comes Olivier’s KOB stew


No.the KOB restaurant in Olivier de Lisboa, at number 169 of Rua do Salitre, and in Porto, at number 149 of Rua Conde de Vizela, it is possible to comfort the stomach and warm the soul with an iconic meat dish: the stew.

Restaurants are now open for lunch on weekends. “Saturdays and Sundays become even more comforting, feeling the intoxicating and irresistible smell of sausages and vegetables invade the intimate and cosmopolitan atmosphere of both spaces”, reads a statement.

Impossible to avoid ordering the typical Portuguese stew, which here focuses on the best meats. “Customers will be able to choose from an endless list of ingredients, obtaining the combination of flavors that best suits their tastes and appetites,” they add.

“When it comes to choosing sausages, KOB envisions a delicious journey through the specialties of each area of ​​the country, from north to south, reaching the islands: Morcela da Guarda, Farinheira and Bucho de Porco da Beira Baixa, Morcela de Arroz de Leiria, Chouriço Mouro from Portalegre, Chouriço de Carne de Elvas and Chouriço de Sangue dos Açores are the proposals. In meats, they win command the yarn, the pork leg, the rib of beef, the chicken, the smoked shank, the sparkle, the smoked ear and the snout / cheek. As for vegetables, cabbage, Portuguese, potatoes, carrots and turnips could not be missing, but the menu still offers cabbage, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, cereals and broad beans “, they specify.

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