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With Julen, "we can not afford to faint, not while we can"

Nthe Sierra de Totalán in Malaga, continue the complex operations to try to rescue the little Julen, the two-and-a-half-year-old boy who fell over a hundred meters deep and 25 centimeters in diameter last Sunday.

There is an air bag 73 meters below ground where Julen will be. Day and night, the hundreds of elements involved are alternating in relief. All of Spain and most of the world keep an eye on what happens there, in the hope that Julen can still be alive.

Diario Sur, who followed the rescue operations in detail, spoke with Julián Moreno Ruiz, technical director and regional coordinator of the fire department.

He himself, a firefighter of 30 years, Julián Moreno Ruiz is clear in talking about the spirit of surrender that marked the relief operations: "We do not allow ourselves the luxury of fainting, not as long as we can not already a boy in the world, one that unites human beings ".

Julián Moreno Ruiz worked last Sunday when everything happened. He realized that he would have something complex in his hands. There have been no records of such a rescue, either in the region or in Spain, perhaps not in the world.

There were firemen who interrupted the holidays and volunteered to help. Help came from various parts of the world, with people and material, to watch the complex counter-clock operation.

For the Diario Sur, this firefighter guarantees that the effort is due to a particular motivation: those working in the rescue continue to believe that Julen has a chance. The boy could still be alive.

Meanwhile, on a weekend that promises rain, the field agents are still trying to reach the boy. Tomorrow – Sunday – will be a week since the boy fell into the den of the prospect. Every hour is always more precious than the last.

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