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With a private jet to the WEF: that's how the powerful journey to Davos

For a week, the whole world is watching Davos. From the United States, Sweden or Vietnam, delegations go to the Swiss Alps. Often with a private jet.

WEF time is a highlight for aviation enthusiasts. The statesmen and economic personalities travel to the economic forum of Davos GR. Mainly by air. For example, Zurich airport is planning further flight movements this week. In 2018, during the WEF, there were about 130 more flights a day than on an average day – the industry as a whole recorded 1,800 private flight movements.

Last year, the arrival and departure of Donald Trump's Air Force One at the Zurich airport was a great show. In addition to large state machines, many participants travel by private jet to the WEF.

It's a good deal for charter companies. One expensive for travelers. For example, a flight from London to Samedan GR to PrivateFly costs 11,800 francs. The commercial plane carries four passengers for this price. Much more expensive is the transatlantic flight from Teterboro airport in New York to Zurich. The journey with the Golfstream Jet costs around 102,000 francs.

Better confidence in Zurich

According to Carol Cork, PrivateFly's marketing director, many WEF participants would have arrived via Zurich, although Samedan airport would have been closer. The reason is that Samedan is more prone to bad weather. An obviously too big risk for many. Today and tomorrow, according to Swiss weather forecast, the weather should continue. After the snow, do not watch until Wednesday.

Alternatives to Zurich and Samedan are St. Gallen-Altenrhein or Friedrichshafen (Germany). The Bodensee airport provides 120 additional flights during the WEF period. Above all commercial aircraft would fly to Friedrichshafen. But larger aircraft of the Airbus A 319 and Boeing 737 types were also announced in business jet equipment.

From Zurich, the powerful and rich then love to travel by helicopter to the destination Davos, then Cork. In addition to statesmen and heads of companies, his clients also included figures from the entertainment industry. This last category is becoming increasingly important, notes Cork. Stars and starlets offer glamor at parties around the official forum program.

There is no time for pleasure

Most PrivateFly customers from the UK, France, Germany and Scandinavia and some from the US would also want to go to the WEF. Cork does not want to make names.

Do Davos participants combine work with pleasure and continue to hang out on skiing days? At least PrivateFly does not see any signs. Most of their clients went to Prättigau for only one or two nights. For Sunday 27 January the last departures are scheduled. And then again in Davos winter athletes conquer the scepter.

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