Wirex unveils the company partnership with the piggy-wallet laptop, Pigzbe



The partnership aims to prepare the new generations for tomorrow's technology and currency today.

LONDON, UK – 13 November 2018 – Today, Wirex – the pioneer of payments that is bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and daily expenses – has announced its first corporate partnership with the piggy-wallet operated by blockchain, Pigzbe.

Pigzbe was designed to reinvent money for a new generation of children. The physical, partly digital "piggy-wallet" part is performed on Wollo (WLO), the family crypto-currency of Pigzbe and is designed to introduce children aged 6 and over in modern money management, teaching them good financial habits in a safe and secure environment. The partnership will see Wirex listing WLO alongside its current Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and XRP portfolios. In turn, Wollo owners can purchase, store, exchange and spend WLO through the existing Wirex app and Visa card.

Wirex currently holds the crown as the only company in Europe with a debit card linked to users' cryptographic portfolios, which allows them to convert and spend their digital assets in stores, bars, restaurants or on public transport and 39. Unique encryption based in the UK friendly company to receive an FCA electronic money license. Already a success in Europe, the company recently announced its intention to expand its card offering in the United States to what would be the first multi-cryptocurrency prepaid card program in North America.

Pavel Matveev, co-founder and CEO of Wirex, said: "Our relationship with Pigzbe paves the way for new partnerships of crypto and blockchain products and cemented London's status as a key innovation hub, but equally important is the integration of pioneering technologies to educate and inform the next generation on the benefits of money management and the future of finance ".

The partnership between Wirex and Pigzbe is one of the earliest examples of two innovative companies that align business models to provide a practical end-to-end cryptocurrency system that drives mass adoption. It will offer the 400 million families who spend an average of $ 14 a week in pocket money, an easy path in the world of blockchain and decentralized digital currency, without unnecessary complexity or technical jargon.

Pigzbe Founder, CEO and Forbes 30 Under 30, the entrepreneur Filippo Yacob, stated: "Pigzbe is a project that has the power to drive mass adoption.We are thrilled with the prospect of having millions of children growing up with Wollo as the first cryptocurrency they encounter in their lives." At the center of our vision at Pigzbe of millions of children and families who can use their Wollo coins in the real world – our partnership with Wirex will deliver it ".

Information on Wirex

Founded in 2014, Wirex is a global digital payments platform serving over 1.8 million customers in over 130 countries. As a forerunner in the cryptocurrency payments arena, Wirex has delivered world-class pioneering products that bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and traditional currency. Wirex is supported by large and reputable financial institutions including the SBI group in Tokyo. Wirex has spent the last four years building its own established software platform that enables fast, secure and efficient service with zero transaction fees and some of the best rates in the industry. For more information, visit www.wirexapp.com.

About Pigzbe

Pigzbe is a London-based fintech company that enables micro-financing for families around the world, giving parents and children access to products and services that accelerate financial literacy. Pigzbe is composed of a team of award-winning designers, thinkers and creators who have delivered products and services to millions of people for brands such as Apple, Google, NASA, Primo and Kano. Society understands how the world is changing and its mission is to provide families with the tools to help children become financially competent, confident and independent. For more information, visit pigzbe.com and join them on Telegram at t.me/pigzbeico address

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