Wireless headphones integrated with iPhone 12 MagSafe!


New accessories are emerging for MagSafe, introduced with the iPhone 12 last month. This structure, which offers a wireless charging experience thanks to its magnetic structure, comes with the iPhone 12 family. Wireless headphones for iPhone 12 MagSafe appeared.

Wireless headphones for iPhone 12 MagSafe

There have also been some comments recently about MagSafe, which was introduced with the iPhone 12 family and completely rewrote the charging mechanics of the phones. The charger was very successful, but the MagSafe wallet was found useless and criticized. In addition to these, the MagSafe magnet, also included in the iPhone 12 Pro, was revealed and it was seen as being built on a structure. Now it is new wireless headphones appeared.


Released via Kickstarter, these headphones can be placed on the back of the phone, depending on the MagSafe mechanics on the iPhone 12 models. Snapods This model, called the iPhone 12’s, can be made to join thanks to the magnetic structure inside. The most important aspect of this unsigned Apple product is that it can be recharged over the phone.


Of course, the headset can be used not only with the iPhone 12 with MagSafe, but also on iOS / Android and PC with special apparatus for different devices. While the wireless headset promises to deliver high audio performance, it also offers 40 hours of use with the charging box. Snapods it also offers resistance to sweat and water.

This product is currently awaiting support with a donation of $ 69.

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