WinMiner is bringing mining to the masses with a one-click solution


WinMiner announced the official launch of its platform with over 160,000 registered users, reporting mining to the decentralized ethos blockchain.

With WinMiner, users can earn Amazon and Amazon gift cards, cryptocurrency or other difficult cold cash solutions from their home computer, in just one click.

WinMiner is the mining optimization platform that offers a one-click solution and easy-to-understand dashboard, allowing anyone, anywhere, to make money from their computer instead of just sitting idle. With WinMiner, the complicated world of mineral cryptocurrencies is open to the masses, and it is gold for anyone who wants to make money easily. This simple yet profoundly intelligent platform offers even the most inexperienced users a place to work on blockchain and maintain total control over when and how WinMiner works.

The extraction is a critical element of the blockchain functionality, since it creates the security and immutability of any transaction executed. Without mining, nobody could trade and the chain would be broken – the end of the blockchain. Mining has become increasingly centralized and owned by a handful of people, running from vast private data centers. Crypto-coins quickly run the risk of becoming corporative and losing the democratic, open and fair system for which it was designed. Because tokens are created every day, and the next important thing is always just a click away, it is essential that mining does not become a monopolized element of blockchain technology.

[19659003] WinMiner is the solution to the growing centralization of mining, a powerful mining coins optimization platform that will put on your computer every time you choose. The platform will extract the maximum gain from computing power by making sure that the most profitable currency is extracted. Thanks to its wide appeal for everyone and everyone, and despite still working in test mode, the application has built a vast base of 160,000 registered users. In addition, WinMiner allows miners to be rewarded financially in various ways. The individual can choose to be paid in Bitcoin or Ethereum among other major cryptocurrencies, or he can receive an Amazon or iTunes voucher, as well as other forms of dollar payments. Anyone who wants to build their digital wallet or someone who simply wants to integrate their shopping budget can benefit from WinMiner.

The WinMiner team is led by Ariel Yarnitsky, an entrepreneur and former manager of ICQ, and Idan Feigenbaum, founder of Speedbit and creator of Download Accelerator Plus, the download manager that has 400 million installations worldwide. The duo has advanced the technology world together for the past decade, and now together with their team they are conquering the blockchain.

"WinMiner was created to allow anyone from the inexperienced user, to the blockimal maximalist, to make money, we realized every time a computer is idle, it is wasted potential," says Ariel Yarnitsky , co-founder of WinMiner. "We need the power of people to keep the extraction from centralized ownership and in a community of people who share the same goal – simply and easily gain from their home computer."

 WinMiner has supported the coins

"We believe we have created the perfect solution not only to allow anyone to make money, but to keep the blockchain running according to the principles and the original spirit that was designed to empower ", continued Idan Feigenbaum, Co-Founder of WinMiner. "Crypto by nature is an egalitarian concept, and here at WinMiner we believe that having islands of mining operations concentrated against all that blockchain represents."

About WinMiner

WinMiner is a platform for extracting the most profitable cryptographic coins at any time. With WinMiner you can easily start the extraction and transform the power of your unused computer into money or encryption. WinMiner was co-founded by Ariel Yarnitsky, an entrepreneur and former manager of ICQ, and Idan Feigenbaum, founder of Speedbit and creator of Download Accelerator Plus, the famous download manager with 400 million installations worldwide.

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