Windows 10: There’s a Problem Updates Don’t Fix!

There are problems that are quickly fixed by Microsoft when they are detected, especially through updates to Windows 10. However, there are others that insist on persisting. That said, after the release of two more cumulative and feature-focused updates, Microsoft has yet to fix a bug that causes Windows Defrag to perform the TRIM operation on non-SSD drives. This is very useful for SSDs. This is because it contributes to the performance and durability of these drives. In practice it is a command with which the operating system can inform the SSD of data blocks that are no longer needed. So they can be excluded. Or marked as free. This way they can be rewritten.

Windows 10: There’s a Problem Updates Don’t Fix!

In May 2020, Microsoft released Windows 10 2004, which is the May 2020 update, and introduced two bugs that caused SSDs to defrag too often and attempt to TRIM on non-SSD drives.

Windows 10 issue updates
Source: Bleepingcomputer

More specifically, the first bug caused the automatic maintenance feature in Windows 10 not to remember the latest optimization. This was when the computer was restarted. Therefore, this forgetfulness has caused drives, including SSDs, to defrag very often.

In September, Microsoft released the “2020-08 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10 version 2004 (KB4571744)” update, which fixed the automatic maintenance bug that caused SSDs to defrag very frequently.

On the other hand, the second bug caused the TRIM command to run. This on non-SSD drives. While this does not damage the drive, it does generate registration errors.

Windows 10 issue updates

Today, nearly six months later, Microsoft still hasn’t fixed this bug, as the Bleeping Computer website says.

Microsoft has not yet officially acknowledged the existence of this problem.

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