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Will XRP rise again? Is Ripple XRP able to rebound? – Mar 15th January – Forecast of the price of the XRP ripple: XRP / USD price today

Ripple (XRP) is perhaps one of the most controversial market currencies, which is largely due to the numerous allegations that Ripple Labs, the company behind the XRP currency, is centralized.

Price XRP (XRP) today – XRP / USD

However, with all these accusations denied by the company's representatives, in addition to causing the lawsuits on this subject to be rejected in favor of Ripple Labs and XRP, XRP can turn to a different goal: to progress in the market.

We had the opportunity to see XRP in an extraordinary bull run in the period when the representatives announced xRapid to be released as a regular financial instrument for banks and financial institutions, where the currency "easily" doubled its price over several weeks.

But XRP is again involved in a dive. XRP is in no way an isolated case in this scenario because most cryptocurrencies, including the top ten of digital resources, are unstoppable.

This case requires an action, but also poses a question: will the XRP resurrect?

Is Ripple able to recover in 2019?

Will XRP rise again? Can Ripple (XRP) Reaching the price of $ 1 in the following months?

XRP doubled its market value in about 6 days, which was marked as extraordinary progress, originally led by the announcement on the xRapid release.

This product, xRapid, is the only product designed by Ripple Labs that actually needs XRP to work, so it's no wonder the hype has been reached, bringing XRP to new levels.

Within this upward rush, and despite all the declines that have occurred thereafter, XRP is scoring over 127% of earnings over the last year, as also XRP shows a positive return, rising nearly 38% against the dollar.

The obvious positive return in the value of XRP is that it could push the currency upwards and pick up XRP again in the following months.

In the event that the XRP meets with greater adoption, even if it seems that the progress of this crypt is slowing down at the moment, XRP could even reach a symbolic price of $ 1, in accordance with the price dynamics detected at the end of 2017.

Independence of Ripple & # 39; s XRP

According to recent reports of the second quarter of 2018 relating to the XPR cryptocurrency published by Ripple2018, the report, the sales of XRP Ripple chips were a "drop in the glass" compared to the total XRP market.

According to the report, Ripple sold $ 75.53 million in the second quarter. Of this amount, the company sold $ 56.66 million through scheduled sales, which amounted to 0.125% of the $ 45.350 million of sales of Ripple in the second quarter.

While direct sales amounted to 16.87 million, made with XPR, the subsidiary of Ripple II, LLC, a registered and licensed monetary services company (MSB).

The reports also highlight the low volatility of XPR in the second half of 2018, channeling a 9% drop in prices in line with the 8.2% drop in Bitcoin.

What the reports say

In addition, the report covered custody, stating that 3 billion XRPs were released from custody contracts in the second quarter, while 2 billion XRPs were placed on new custody contracts.

In the previous year, Ripple placed XPR 55 billion in an encrypted deposit account, which means that only the remaining 13% of the outstanding XPR total can now be accessed. Ripple said the 300 million XRP left in custody were used to support the XRP ecosystem.

The report also mentions some new participants in the XRP ecosystem in the second quarter, including the application of Coil micropayments and the SB Projects content monetization platform. The company also found that both new operators are supported only by the Ripple Xpring initiative, which is solely responsible for partnerships and mergers with companies and projects "run by established entrepreneurs" as well as new efforts.

The report indicated that the decline in the price of the XPR token was in sync with the general trend that the cryptography market had recently followed, in relation to the decline in the overall market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies. Falling from $ 603.7 billion in January 2018 to $ 254.7 billion in the middle of the year. Regarding the general market in the second quarter, Ripple underlined the independence of its Ripple XRP. The report finds that Ripple had its best quarter in the second quarter in terms of signed customers:

Chain effect
"It is also important to note that although Ripple recorded the best quarter of its history in the second quarter (in terms of signed customers), the price of XRP continued to fall with those of other digital assets, underlining the independence of XRP of Ripple. "

XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization so far, reached its all-time high of $ 3.81 at the start of 2018. At the time of this edition, the token is trading at $ 0.46, dropping nearly by 10 percent in the last week, according to Cointelegraph's XRP price index.

What factors could push XRP to rise again?

In the event that the market also reflects a partial success of last year's bull run when there was a massive rebound that led to the crypto market to reach historic highs, XRP could easily reap the value of a dollar for an XRP.

In December 2017, during the second week, the XRP was valued at $ 0.23, however, in the course of only three weeks at the start of 2018, XRP was scoring its record price of over $ 2. .

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