Will Litecoin (LTC) return in the following months?


Litecoin is said to be one of the fastest currencies in the cryptography market due to its use of the Lightning network originally mentioned in the Bitcoin white paper, the first cryptocurrency and the main digital asset on the market.

LTC is often referred to as Bitcoin's younger brother because Litecoin actually makes up one of the first forks derived from the Bitcoin blockchain, set to solve the problem with slow network times and slow transactions, as indicated in BTC.

For a long time, Litecoin has been a proud member of the top 5 cryptocurrencies, which represent 5th the largest currency on the market, however, LTC has seen a sharp decline, falling to point 7.

EOS (EOS) took its place as 5th the largest currency as it exceeded the market capitalization of LTC, later having Stellar (XLM) make the same move, pushing Litecoin at the bottom of the list.

Will Litecoin return in the following months?

Can Litecoin (LTC) Rise Back Up in the following months?

Litecoin started to lose its value in an expanded decline in June 2018, declining towards the price of 78 $ per unit.

Previously, as one of the first 5 cryptocurrencies, in December 2017 Litecoin reached a record high of over $ 330.

However, at the first sign of decline, Litecoin continued to fall with the negative trend of the active market, losing more than 84% of its total value from December 2017 to this date.

Litecoin is currently seen in an attempt to recover with the latest positive market trends, which has allowed LTC to give a little positive momentum even to the weekly charts, although only on 6 November rises slightly more than ; 1%th.

Litecoin (LTC) Price today – LTC / USD

Although Litecoin fell at the beginning of February after setting its record price, touching the value of $ 128 for an LTC, Litecoin was still able to recover only three weeks later, surpassing the value of $ 200.

However, the June decline severely hit the currency in the long run, so after the LTC fell to $ 78, the currency continued to decline, now it was trading at $ 54 after the last increase.

Still, Litecoin has gained a bit of positive momentum with the news that it came out a few days ago, which could be the last resort to go back in the following months.

Litecoin available on Facebook Messenger with Lite.IM

Lite.IM, LTC portfolio that allows the sending and receiving of LTC units via SMS and Telegram, has added Facebook Messenger to the list of supported services.

This means that Litecoin has just become available to over 2 billion people using Messenger on Facebook, being available for microtransactions through the integration of Facebook and Lite.IM integration.

This addition could positively affect Litecoin, giving it more momentum and pushing it towards a large-scale adoption of LTC, which could also affect its price in a better way.

For now, LTC is struggling to break the $ 60 resistance with the active mass rebound on the market.

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