Will Ethereum (ETH) higher Price Surge with these factors at stake?


The price of Ethereum (ETH) has been fighting for months now. It faced its lowest price below $ 215,657 in September 2017. At such a price, many expected the crypto to lose momentum and actually die inside the system, but it turned out to be a different story as it the crypt stood above the beliefs. In January 2018, the crypt reached a very high price of $ 1,395.92, brushing up all the statements about its final. At the time of writing, the crypt is traded at a price of $ 290.62 while the king of criptos keeps up, trading at $ 7.295.95. Some cryptocurrency enthu siast anticipate an increase of increase of ETH early with these factors playing an important role.


The team behind ETH has the intention to reduce the reward assigned to the miners on the platform. Instead of 3 ETH the reward is reduced by one (2 ETH ). It is important to note that one factor that can help a currency to increase its value is the reduction of total coins in circulation. The lower the coins in circulation, the greater the demand, so the price will inevitably increase.

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Dogecoin (DOGE) had an excellent week as the price of the good rose to the stars in terms of value for the surprise of many investors. September 1st was a good day on the market as cryptography was priced at $ 0.00675262 over 45% within 24 hours. The link should soon take place between Dogecoin (DOGE) and Ethereum (ETH) blockchains which aim to introduce interoperability through an intelligent contracting system and the integration of the code. Although the project is just another meme for some, Dogecoin (DOGE) is supported by a strong community of over 100k strong, with roots dating back many years. The main project has yet to be released and it happens, we hope for a good relationship for ETH .


Apart from m ETH [19659015] another coin believed to react with a price in Bitcoin is Tether (USDT) . ETH has a volume of exchanges and domination near BTC . With a constant look at the coin market it will be noted that ETH i increases immediately after the price of increases in BTC . It can not be said that this happens very often as we are currently witnessing, but it should be predictable that Ethereum (ETH) price will react to BTC soon

Other developers on board

More and more people seem to have developed an interest in Ethereum (ETH) platform due to a free online course to study the soundness of the programming language, which is behind the operations of the network Ethereum (ETH) . With this in place, the developers of the crypt are hoping to roll the ball ahead of schedule

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All the factors stated that could actually push the cryptography at a higher value it could also cause problems. A wrong move could cause the crypt of another problem and could even lead to a lower fall than the current one. However, since the crypt sells at a low price, investors who still believe ETH will skyrocket, regardless of what they will retain what they have and will probably buy more. Personally, I prefer to stick closely to my ETH . Who knows, could set a record for another price value of $ 1,395.92 and maybe even more.

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