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Will Ethereum Classic (ETC) dominate the IoT for the fourth industrial revolution?

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

The first users of cryptocurrencies may have mistaken the idea of ​​digital coins. Many investors today only see the nominal value of the currency rather than the technology underlying the assets in which they invest. Ethereum Classic (ETC) is going to change this perception in IoT and possibly turn on the fourth industrial revolution.

If you are in a crypto for short-term gains, ETC may not be your cup of coffee. This is a system that focuses on the future of technology and not on a rapid enrichment scheme. Eight years ago, investors were less concerned with the decentralization and permanence of records in the blockchain industry, but this is the gain and future gains come seconds.

Ethereum Classic Simplicity in the Crypto Verse jungle

Ethereum's fork Ethereum Classic (ETC) was the search for a completely decentralized complete that would bring Nakamoto's dream to the next level. Leaving the community to take control of the network has pushed the ecosystem to its current growth. The centralized platform is not a bad thing for short-term gains, but in the long run, decentralized ones thrive and that's why the popularity of Ethereum Classic is on the rise.

Ethereum Classic has remained constant in maintaining the principles of immutability and decentralization. The platform remains the best data manager with film-proof systems that can not be damaged or manipulated and a fork possibility, at least for now, is not possible.

The current increase in adoption is a major catalyst in moving the blockchain towards achieving leadership in the IoT sector. By obtaining the right technology the first time, ETC does not present problems of scalability, low speeds and high transaction costs and these are the qualities of the IoT.

Ethereum Classic Strategic Partnerships

The partnerships of Ethereum Classic are well thought out and adapted to their path to the market and to the support function. In June, the platform collaborated with Zeniex based in South Korea, a respected player in the financial and security sector. Ethereum Classic will benefit from Zeniex's expertise in protecting its network and taking positions in emerging markets, particularly in Asia, through partnership.

ETC's stability has also seen the onboarding of CoinPayment, a payment processor that is ready to increase the visibility and usability of coins. The payment gateway supports over 400 digital assets and ETC will gain more visibility on trading. This relationship has seen an increase in adoption in the last three months and with the adoption of the road to recovery, this should add value to the currency.

ETC's listing on Coinbase is also another boost as ETC is among the low-priced currencies. This is a scrambled entry point price that will see ETC earn raids in the American market and beyond. Once the market inversion holds, money will surely be among the first beneficiaries.

Ethereum Classic Price Check

The future compatibility Ethereum Classic (ETC) with the IoT system, according to their roadmap, should arrive by November 30 and the currency has been on the waiting list of many reputable investors and the current mood between members of the ecstatic community and this could spike a stable release for the currency by the end of November.

During the 34-hour trading session, the ETC currency gained 2.02% of the dollar and lost 1.05% in Bitcoin to trade at $ 12.76, which is still low compared to the peak achieved from the Coinbase advertising campaign. The current growth is however driven by market forces. Greater growth and absorption could lead to the fourth industrial revolution fueled by the blockchain.


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