Will Bitcoin Go Up: What is BTC's faith in the sequel – Wed Jan 09


Bitcoin, although the first currency in the market, is one of the rare resources that does not actually have an official development team.

This means that there are no pending updates, revisions or changes in progress regarding some obvious shortcomings that the BTC network seems to have.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price today – BTC / USD

One of these weaknesses is reflected in a questionable scalability of the largest cryptocurrency, since BTC transactions are becoming slower and more expensive, which makes it rather impractical when it comes to sending small amounts of BTC to other addresses.

However, Bitcoin is still managing to keep the top of the crypto, which means it has a lot of potential for its value in the market.

None of the currencies has ever reached a record price of $ 18,000 in addition to BTC, which could mean that there is a strong possibility that Bitcoin will come close to its record price again.

Will bitcoins go up and what is BTC's faith in the coming months?

Bitcoin (BTC) can go up at the beginning of 2019?

Frequent market downturns seem to kill the general buzz that most of the encrypted enthusiasts had at the end of the previous year of 2017.

This is probably the case because many cryptocurrencies have declined significantly since December 2017 and January 2018, including Bitcoin which has lost more than -66% of its total market value since mid-December 2018.

Previously, trading at an all-time high of around $ 18,000 for each BTC, there is a strong possibility that Bitcoin could grow further in the following months.

In the event that the advertising campaign of the last year is repeated, which could be more probable, Bitcoin could at least break the value of $ 7,000 by going to the acquisition of $ 8,000 based on current trends and the peak of mass of 2017, in this way recovering at least a part of its lost value.

What may be the biggest concern for BTC is the fact that there are no frequent updates to the network, while it is proposed as a rather expensive blockchain-based tool for the transaction of monetary value.

However, the potential of Bitcoin that rises still represents a strong possibility in 2019, as it still represents one of the largest investments in the blockchain space.

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