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Will AI-based agents on Blockchain replace user interfaces?

Does your floor cleaner robot or your kitchen robot have names? Do you give them a character? Unless you're a robot yourself, you probably do it.

The whole history of engineering has involved making the machines more similar to the human ones possible. We humans are wired to process social interactions, so we unconsciously expect machines to be at least a little human. We can adapt to dashboards, handles and buttons, but what we really want is an obedient servant. The Japanese startup Connectome invented the "Virtual Human Agent (VHA)" in the world "on the blockchain.

Robotic incarnations

Any user interface, however exceptional, is a compromise. They might be acceptable for a while, but many would agree that the best user interface is that the user can only say or bet and expect that the task will be performed in the right way.

The biggest players have predicted this a long time ago. Today Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana, Amazon has Alexa and Google has its anonymous anonymous "assistant".

The disembodied voices until recently, these artificial intelligence agents now receive virtual or even physical incarnations. In October, a unicorn startup owned by Google, Magic Leap One, presented a human type avatar called Mica, which is able to answer detailed questions, such as remembering a person's favorite song from a concert attended a year ago , according to CNN. Mica looks and behaves like a human being: creates a visual contact and offers a warm smile, along with other human-like expressions. Previously, Sony created Sophia.

No more buttons. No more dashboards. Only your wishes are granted, as long as your bank account is in good shape. Even a generation ago, this would be considered magical. Now, it's on everyone's roadmap in the industry. There is no way to exaggerate how enormous human agents based on artificial intelligence are.

Artificial agents for sale

The Japanese startup Connectome saw an opportunity in the market to realize this dream. Their VHA on the blockchain aims to democratize the construction of artificial intelligence agents and commercial distribution. Connectome expects a fast-growing trend to replace user interfaces with human-like human agents, similar to the race of automakers who have replaced animal-driven vehicles in the blink of an eye at the end of the 20th century. In other words, they say they are working on a next-generation interface for artificial intelligence.

The company is working closely with Couger, a Japanese technology company with 12 years of experience in various projects related to blockchain, AI, AR / VR. Their portfolio includes a large clientele such as the Honda carmaker and the Japanese telecommunications company KDDI.

Connectome says he is not using a marketing word to describe another abstraction that no one will remember. It is a neuroscientific term which means "electrical scheme" of a brain.

Connectome's blockchain platform will allow thousands of developers and entrepreneurs to exchange and exchange human intelligence agents similar to those developed and the data needed to train them, the company says. In addition, the Connectome platform will allow individuals and businesses to have a way to secure ownership and other rights over human-like human intelligence agents.

Out of the crowd

The management of Connectome thinks that the company remains out of the crowd in the blockchain sector, probably implying its attractiveness as a target for investments. " [The] the blockchain layer is saturating and more and more protocol and platform projects are emerging, "said Yasunori Motani, executive director of Connectome, at Cointelegraph.

"Imagine a future in which artificial intelligence with a human interface can be our best agent in situations where people – like the elderly or autistic – may be currently neglected."

Connectome considers itself a "creator of categories" and believes in its potential to exploit the future tectonic change of the mode of interaction between man and machine. As of November 2018, there are still no public announcements of initial public offers, initial offers of coins or other fundraising activities by Connectome.

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