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Why TRX, ETH & XRP Could Each See A Bull Run In 2019

This year, many anticipate that they could see some of the biggest bull runs by some of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the space. With investors and traders coming in to the crypto space, tokens and coins are expected to thrive in leaps and bounds as the year continue to go further.

There was less to be a bit of a bit of money. Bitcoin or the rest of the market.

Despite this, here are some of the tokens we think they are going to be heading out for a bull run during 2019.


The CEO of TRON, Justin Sun and his army, boosting the TRON network in such a way that developers have ditched the Ethereum network for the possibility of TRON. The fast growth of the TRON Cable has had a great impact on the Native token networks, TRX.

Even though TRX is still to hit $ 1, the daily transactions of the cryptocurrency continue to beat Ethereum's and the increase in the market cap pushed the token two spots ahead to make it the ninth most valuable digital currency.


One token which is the most victimized from last year is Ethereum. Moving from a trading price of $ 1400 at the start of the year, the ETH token lost a bit of momentum following its on and off rivalry with the second largest cryptocurrency, XRP.

The token has had a hard time trying to stay above $ 100 since December but this month the coin was swiftly taken up to the $ 120 region. The trading price is both stable but Ethereum's market cap has been rolled out in 2019.


Even though Ripple 's native token has been involved in the listing process, that has been made a lot of noise recently. Even though the Bitcoin has been sold as a big impact on the market, the token remains unfazed and has gone on to collect tons of traders between November and January.

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