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Why is the Internet growing at a lower rate than Blockchain?

Why is the Internet growing at a lower rate than Blockchain?

Blockchain, which has often been seen as the backbone of bitcoin, in addition to what many cyber experts claim to be a value-based internet, has now begun to exceed the limit world Wide Web in terms of the speed with which it is distributed by boot platforms, cryptographic enthusiasts and cryptographic exchanges all over the world.

The last few years have favored many cryptocurrency assets, as the majority have continued to become mainstream tokens. This can, for example, be seen in the way that XRP, Ethereum and Bitcoin have been embraced by the mass population.

Despite the growth recorded by these cryptocurrencies, many believe that the only reason why this happened is due to the distributed, decentralized and secure nature that has become associated with blockchain technology. It is expected that these three attributes will continue to play a central role as more cryptocurrencies grow and that technology is fully embraced by the public.

Blockchain against the Internet

The cryptocurrency experts currently believe that, compared to the speed with which the Internet was adopted after the introduction, we can say that the blockchain is at the same pace as the internet in 1994.

But before looking at the comparison between the two, it is important to take a look at the cases of use of the real world. The statistics indicate that cryptocurrencies and digital resources as a whole have generated many cases of use that tend to vary from that for which Bitcoin was initially expected. Considering that the blockchain was initially developed as an alternative to the digital currency, there are many interesting use cases introduced by other resources.

Blockchain and his relationship with Criptovaluta

When you look at the history of the blockchain and how it was born, you will realize that it was designed to act as Bitcoin's backbone. This happened in 2009, when the cryptocurrency was introduced. The connection between the two is often compared to the connection between e-mail and the Internet.

Since the Internet made e-mails possible as an existing service, blockchain technology did the same for cryptocurrency resources. This is why the blockchain is sometimes referred to as the value-based Internet. By relying on DTL (distribution accounting technologies), it is now possible for people to check all cryptocurrency transactions.

The technology also ensures that all these transactions are protected through the use of a unified process. Once protected, they are then published and recorded in a public ledger that can not be deleted by anyone. This means that the ledger can be used to verify any cryptographic transaction carried out by two parties.

The use of a ledger is often hailed by many enthusiasts as a turning point since it eliminated the double-expense problem that plagues previous digital resources. The fact that you can use the blockchain to convey value to a person in another corner of the world, in a process that is not only cheap but efficient and secure, means that this technology could in some years be as disruptive as the Internet it was more than twenty-five years ago.

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